How to Get Out of Bluegreen Timeshare

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Is your financial security in jeopardy because you can’t get rid of your Bluegreen timeshare? Keep reading to learn how to get out of Bluegreen timeshare.

Having a holiday spot to call your own once a year, especially one with the opportunity to swap places locally or globally, is a dream, no doubt. However, timeshare ownership is not a bed of roses.

Here is why.

Owning a timeshare ends up being a financial burden for many. For starters, timeshare companies often use fraudulent and sneaky sales techniques to trap unsuspecting people in an expensive ongoing commitment. Plus, you can’t get out of a timeshare contract easily. It is an expensive and time-consuming process.

Most people don’t know about these drawbacks until they’ve signed an agreement. So think before you buy any timeshare. And for investors looking for a way out of their Bluegreen timeshare contract, here are a few exit plans.

Sell Your Bluegreen Timeshare

The first option for owners who don’t know how to get out of Bluegreen timeshare is to sell. Luckily, there is no shortage of listing sites (Timeshare users group, Craigslist, and RedWeek are probably your best and cheapest options). If you choose to go down this route, you will still need to check the market rate and compare similar properties to know their worth. This requires a lot of effort, money, and time, which you don’t have.

There is a second option, though. You can hire a third-party resale expert to help create an ad showcasing your timeshare’s best features. But proceed with caution and watch out for those that ask for an upfront fee and promise lots of money quickly. These are key indicators of a timeshare resale scam.

As you get ready to sell your Bluegreen timeshare, don’t expect to make a profit because timeshares lose value over time. And that’s okay! Your goal is to avoid future costs, not get back the money you’ve already spent.

Rescind your Bluegreen timeshare contract

Bluegreen timeshare agreements usually include a rescission period. What’s a rescission period? It is a time frame (about 3 to 10 days) during which you can cancel your timeshare ownership. The period also depends on the rescission law of the state you bought the timeshare points. So, check your timeshare documents and compare the rescission period to the timeshare laws in your state to see if you qualify. And remember, the rescission timeframe is short, so act fast!

Give your Bluegreen timeshare away

Giving your timeshare away to friends, family, or charity is another excellent option. It not only relieves you of a burden, but it also helps the people around you. They will issue you a tax receipt for what you’ve paid. Also, the fair market value of this payment may be tax deductible.

Before you take this step, make sure they want the timeshare. You don’t want your loved one or charity to feel tricked into paying thousands of annual fees. Or even better, talk to your tax adviser to see if you qualify for the deduction. And make sure you find out the financial implications in the event the individual or charity fails to make payment.

Ask Bluegreen to take it back

Although it sounds simple and harmless, this strategy is risky for timeshare owners. The reason is simple. Bluegreen has only one fiduciary duty to its shareholders: increase profit. As a result, they rarely take timeshares back, as accepting it into their portfolio will affect profits. Instead of taking it back, they will convince you to buy more or upgrade when you call to negotiate a cancellation. Their excuse? They assume that you’re unhappy with your trips and other perks. So they use your exit request as an opportunity to upsell.

Bear in mind that Bluegreen timeshare agents often use “hard sell” schemes and deception to get you to enter into more timeshare contracts. Therefore, be stern and explain why you want to get out of your Bluegreen timeshare. Otherwise, you might end up signing another contract when what you need is to break free. If you’re lucky, they might show you how to get out of Bluegreen timeshare.

Call a professional

As stated earlier, exiting a timeshare contract is difficult. You may need to consult an attorney, especially if you’ve accepted timeshare upgrade offers. Usually, these upgrades are treated as new contracts, meaning you’ll need to cancel several contracts to be completely free of your timeshare. That’s a lot to handle yourself, so you may need a professional to help you sort it out. Get a contract law expert who has successfully helped people exit timeshares. You don’t want someone that will make your situation even more complicated.

Hire a Reputable timeshare exit company

Few signs show an exit company is a scam. The most common one is requesting a huge upfront fee. Companies that ask for payment without evaluating your case will manipulate you to pay as much money as possible. Although there are many shady exit companies, legitimate ones still exist.

Now, how can you find a reliable timeshare exit company in a sea of fraudulent ones? A quick google search for “exit timeshare companies” will display thousands of companies that promise to show you how to quickly get out of Bluegreen timeshare. Truth be told, there are as many dodgy timeshare exit companies as there are timeshare sales companies, so proceed with caution.

Thankfully, CancelTimeshareReviews has done the hard work by reviewing reliable exit companies that successfully help and show owners how to get out of Bluegreen timeshare! These companies are licensed and offer multiple options to help you exit your timeshare contract. They also give free consultations to see if they can help.

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Final Thoughts

The timeshare industry has mastered the art of persuasion, so think twice before signing a contract. Timeshares don’t appreciate and can’t be used as an investment. But one thing is certain: your maintenance expenses will definitely rise each year. And if you stick with it, you may end up with an overwhelming financial burden.

So is getting out of a timeshare contract worth it? Heck yes! Cut your losses now and get a reputable timeshare exit company.