Fastest Exit Review

Fastest Exit Review

Fastest Exit is a timeshare Exit company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona is owned by Mr. John Cobb. Upon searching the internet, we didn’t find much on Mr. Cobb. The company is relatively new and was incorporated in April 2019. It has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since February 2021. They claim to get you out of your timeshare fast, six weeks to one year. Let’s take a look at their website. Before reading on, see if you can cancel timeshare with wesley in 2022 and 2023! We think we are the best cancellation review company around and we suggest you to look at our best exit companies.

Cancel Your Timeshare!

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Website Review

Fastest Exit’s website is a generic template with a terrible logo. But it does offer some insight to the company. We looked at their site for frequent updates and it seems like they didn’t update much in 2022. We will continue to monitor their site in 2023.

Home Page

The bright blue color splashed throughout the website hurts our eyes, but we can look past that to review this website for you. Fastest Exit explains why timeshares are so expensive. The jist, because of ever-increasing maintenance fees for life.

There is a link on this page to a maintenance fee calculator so you can see what you’re actually paying per year on your timeshare. Also, a short form is provided to get the ball rolling with a call back from an Exit Specialist.

Fastest Exit indicates that the recognizable company logos listed on the page have featured Fastest Exit somehow. We have searched each one of these online company websites, and here are the results.

  • MarketWatch: Paid subscription to view articles, but a search of MarketWatch and Fastest Exit in a Google search yielded nothing.
  • The Street: Using the search feature on their website, we found nothing written about Fastest Exit. Same with Morning Star and Market Place, and Latin Biz Today.

Interestingly, all of these websites are about stock market watch and finance. But none of them are linked to the alleged partnership articles on these sites. Perhaps they thought copy and pasting these companies’ logos would give them credibility. Or maybe they’ve paid for secret commercials with these companies somewhere on the world wide web that we could not locate.

Exit Process Section


After you meet with your team, they will ask for the paperwork they’ll need to begin looking into your case. If you gather this information beforehand, you’ll save valuable time.


After reviewing the requested paperwork, the exit team will discuss your best options and call you back with your prospects and cost.

Fastest Exit states they have an “extensive network of partners” to help you transfer or exit your timeshare. We don’t know who these partners are, which industry they represent, or if they’re trustworthy. We expect that when we hire a company, the actual company we hired will be handling our case.


While they work on freeing you from your timeshare burden, Fastest Exit states they will keep you informed of the progress. Fastest Exit claims to cancel most timeshare contracts anywhere from 60 days to one year.

-Exit Process Completion

When the exit process is complete, Fastest Exit says they will send you documents showing you are free and clear from any further timeshare responsibilities. However, in cases where the developer agrees to cancel your timeshare contract, it’s up to them to send you the legal documents of cancellation. Be sure you get more than some words on Fastest Exit’s letterhead as your proof of cancellation.

Exit Your Timeshare Dropdown Menu

-Our Process

The same information regarding exit steps is also on this page. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the bullet point list of questions that Fastest Exit’s specialist team will ask. This is a good checklist of things to know before your consultation.


Fastest Exit claims to be the only US-based company that can cancel a timeshare anywhere in the world. This page displays an alphabetical list of countries. This is overkill because every country you click brings you to the same worded paragraph with the selected country name inserted at the top.


Same with this page. A long list of vacation ownership and timeshare companies are clickable, but all go to the same paragraph. Really?


These questions are standard in the timeshare industry. Here are some things that stood out to us.

-What are the terms of your money-back guarantee?

If, after 12 months, Fastest Exit did not get you out of your timeshare, they offer to give you back all your money. The fine print: the customer is obligated to promptly provide us with needed information to honor our money-back guarantee.

Tip: Make sure you know what constitutes a ‘timely manner.’ Also, notify them when you receive requested information and submit it in a ‘timely manner’ timeframe. We can see how Fastest Exit could use this vague gauge of time to renege on their money-back guarantee promise.

-How do you get me out of my timeshare?

The claim is that Fastest Exit “knows many exit options, even ones not available to the public—umm, what? Sounds suspicious to us. They also mention their ‘network of partners.’

Trust us, you want the list of their trusted partner names, contact information, and any extra cost you’ll be responsible for paying. If Fastest Exit doesn’t disclose this to you, perhaps you should keep looking for a timeshare company with ethics and transparency.

-What happens if Fastest Exit is unsuccessful at releasing me from my timeshare?

Two Guarantees are mentioned here. A money-back guarantee and a Fastest Exit guarantee. Each one is laid out only in your contract, and we highly suggest you have a lawyer review this entire contract because we feel the wording might be confusing, causing you to forfeit your right to get your money back.

Common Timeshare Exit Myths

Myth #1 according to Fastest Exit

“If an exit company doesn’t ask for an upfront fee, that’s a red flag.”

Nope, quite the opposite. Giving a timeshare exit company upfront money does not mean they won’t ask you for more money later. It also doesn’t guarantee they won’t take your money, run or close their offices, and disappear. It does mean that you have no recourse in getting your money back.

Consider an escrow account where a third party holds your money (like a bank), and the funds cannot be released to the exit company until the contract is completed to your satisfaction. This guarantees your money is safe until you get what you were promised.

Fastest Exit says they charge an upfront fee because “we know what we’re doing.” We beg to differ.


There are only two articles on the blog page. There is no way to verify if these stories are real or if the people in the stock photos are actually who they claim to be. Video testimonies and linked reviews are a more legitimate way to present satisfied clients and hear how the exit company helped them.

Contact Page

Here you’ll find several ways to contact the company should you want to proceed with the free consultation.

Social Sites Abandoned

Although Fastest Exit’s Instagram account hasn’t been updated in over a year, the consistent aesthetic is lovely. It seems like they’ve given up on their Twitter and Facebook too. Abandon social sites are a sign of unprofessionalism that raised red flags with us.

Fast Exit and the BBB

Here’s the thing about fake reviews, they usually follow a pattern. Although Fastest Exit has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, scrolling down the six most recent reviews is sort of like a record skipping (1900s era reference).

Each reviewer has a lowercase letter to begin their first and last name. Each review is no longer than four lines of text. The next five reviews are short and vague, with no mention of cost, time, or specifics on working with this company. We’re not saying they are all fake, but we’re not saying they’re not.

Famous Last Words

In this world of fake news and fly-by-night pop-up companies, how do you know who to trust?

  1. Be sure to research the company via reviews online and pay attention to patterns.
  2. Read all the complaints with the BBB and how the company responds to each one. Do they offer to make it right or just ignore the nasty comments and respond to the good ones?
  3. Is the website professional, secure, and grammatically correct?
  4. Does their About Us page show the owner’s face? How about a smiling team page where you can see each member and their titles? If not, you may be giving your information to an underpaid call center representative.
  5. Do you know someone personally who has had success with the company?
  6. Does the company have an escrow option?
  7. Will you have access to attorneys? Will it be an extra cost to you?

These are just a few things to look for when researching a timeshare exit company. One last piece of advice, compare the terms of several different companies. There are definitely more reputable timeshare exit companies out there. But as always, watch for red flags, and question everything. Make sure you shop around to find the best option for your situation.