Finn Law Group Review

Finn Law Group Review

Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, Finn Law Group is an actual law firm specializing in timeshare termination in 2022 and 2023. They could help you with getting rid of your timeshare with lawyers.

Sometimes, timeshare exit businesses will put the word law or legal in their name to fool unsuspecting potential clients into believing they are a law firm. This is not the case with Finn Law Group. Because Attorney Michael Finn has been practicing real estate law for nearly 50 years, he is a well-experienced timeshare cancellation expert. His strategy is simple. His firm uses settlement negotiation through mediation to terminate timeshare contracts.

Additionally, Attorney J. Andrew Meyer is the second principle in the group. Attorney Meyer graduated from the University of Florida in 1995. He is a well-respected lawyer nationwide and, impressively, has worked with the Florida State Attorney General’s Office and the state’s Second District Court of Appeal.

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Website Review

Firstly, this clean, professional website is secure. Secondly, the contact information clearly shows multiple options. Next, linked review sites are precisely what we like to see. This user-friendly option shows transparency in the company. Also, if you’d like to speak with a live team member at Finn Law Group, a pop-up chat window is available. They are updating their site with new information in 2022. We will revaluate in 2023 to make sure they keep the good trend up.

Firm Page

Here you’ll find the credentials of the principal attorneys at Flynn Law Group. It’s important to know with whom you’re going to be dealing. It’s quite an impressive resume for both attorneys.

Timeshare Litigation Page

This law group resolves many disputes with settlement negotiations. We specifically like that Finn Law Group takes the client’s wishes into all aspects of how the firm will determine the conflicts with the timeshare developer. Most times, the hired company sends letters to the developer back and forth until the timeshare is canceled, if ever, with little contact with their clients.

Timeshare Cancelation Law

Not every timeshare contract is created equally. Perhaps a developer does, in fact, have legal grounds to keep the contract active. In this case, Finn Law Group may negotiate an alternative termination agreement. While the website does not specify, these options may include partial contract cancellation.

Timeshare Scams Page

Timeshares are a scam. And unfortunately, if you’re reading this, you may have been a victim. But don’t worry, you’re not alone; thousands of victims report losses in the millions of dollars due to timeshare fraud each year.

Uniquely, Finn Law Group has a Consumer Watch Team comprised of researchers who review consumer complaints on review platforms for schemes. How does this help you? The peace of mind you’ll have from working with the highly-rated law firm that continues to study trends in timeshare scams. Sleep better at night knowing Flynn Law Group is on your side.

About Finn Law Group

Over the past 50 years, Michael Flynn has made a name for himself. Not only has he lobbied for timeshare reform, but he’s also filed lawsuits against developers for scamming his clients out of significant amounts of money.

The staff at Finn Law Group includes paralegals, case managers, and legal assistants. Markedly, every team member works closely with the client’s assigned timeshare attorney to manage the case. Because of this, a dedicated team member is always available to you. Bonus points for stellar communication. Then, once Finn Law Firm has successfully canceled your timeshare contract, your advocate will upload the documents to the client portal for you to view and download.

Timeshare Blog

While there are over 30 pages of articles to peruse, some of them speak directly to the group’s abilities. Including class-action lawsuits filed by Finn Law Group. Podcast interviews and relevant articles with subjects such as Timeshare Foreclosure Laws are good to know before you jump into your initial consultation call.

Refer a Case

In some of these cases, collaboration with outside law firms is necessary to secure an excellent ending to your contract. Finn Law Group has many solid connections nationwide and is transparent in its practices. In the meantime, Finn Law Group works to negotiate timeshare contract terminations on behalf of its clients.

Qualify for Services

To qualify for Finn Law Group’s timeshare exiting program, fill out the short form or call them at 855-346-6529.

Finn Law Group Costs

Since there are no costs listed on the website, we went straight to the review sites to scout out a few reviews that mentioned costs. One happy client said that he paid a $3500 fee and his exit took only nine months to complete. Which is pretty good comparatively. Another reviewer states that the process and costs were, “explained upfront and consistent with the process and time-frames that followed.

A good range for this law group is $2,500-$5,000 depending on the complexity of your timeshare contract, where you are in the process, among other factors. See if you can get out of timeshare by clicking this link with one of our recommended companies.

Better Business Bureau Testimonies

Finn Law Group maintains an A+ rating on the BBB with 73 reviews, nearly all five stars.  But even the 3-stars reviews are positive. Some of the direct quotes from satisfied customers include:

  • “It took a long time but we are finally free of our burden.”
  • “Quick responses by staff.”
  • The staff was easy to work with.”
  • “I got what I expected, excellent service for a fair price.”
  • “Agents were engaging and direct.”
  • “Very professional.”

Many of these reviews mentioned staff members by name and went into great detail about their case and the outcomes. As a result, we find Finn Law Group has tons of genuine reviews which has earned them a stellar reputation as a legitimate timeshare exit option.

Terms You Should Know

Timeshare Resale

A lot of timeshare owners who want rid of their timeshare try to sell it cheap often for $1 just so someone else will take over the neverending maintenance fees. Since the resale market is saturated your odds of getting rid of your timeshare this way are low.

Partial Cancellation

This means part of your contract may be canceled such as your mortgage balance only but you’ll still owe forever maintenance fees.

Credit Protection

Make sure your exit company offers to protect your good credit from being ruined by having a Credit Protection Option available. This may be an extra cost, but well worth it.


This is a bank account where your money is held until the timeshare exit company fulfills its promise to terminate your timeshare contract. Only when the agreement is complete do they receive payment. If they fail to deliver, you can get your money back.

Rescission Period

The recission period is a window of time, albeit a short window, when you can take back your buying decision and walk away from the timeshare. Recission laws are based on the location of your home timeshare, not where you reside.

Timeshare Rental Market

Listing your timeshare online for rent seems like a good idea—but be sure to choose a legitimate website with no up-front fees. Renting your timeshare may seem like a great way to make extra income, and maybe so, but most listings never rent at all. There are too many people desperate to drop their timeshares and not enough people willing to rent them.

Real Reviews

The group has one hundred fifty-one 5-star reviews on Avvo, a national law directory providing users with attorney reviews. Sometimes companies pay for badges even if they weren’t earned. For this reason, we researched the Clients’ Choice Award badge from Avvo posted on their website. We discovered that this badge, in particular, could only be attained by receiving at least fifteen 4-star reviews on Avvo during the previous year. The law firm is also accredited by the National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA). Ultimately, we expect this kind of accreditation from a reputable law firm like Finn Law Group.

Final Words

To conclude, we suggest you contact Finn Law Group to better evaluate your circumstances and legal rights to a timeshare cancellation. To be sure, this is not a fly-by-night call center operation. Granted, not everyone will be eligible to exit their timeshare contract, but we think you have a better shot with a proven law firm like Finn Law Group to cancel your timeshare in 2022 and 2023.