Go Away Timeshare (Heartland Transfer, LLC)

Go Away Timeshare (Heartland Transfer, LLC) Review

Go Away Timeshare and Heartland Transfer, LLC was started in 2010, by J.C. Skidmore after being stuck in an unwanted timeshare themselves. Its parent company, Heartland Transfer, LLC. are, in fact, the same company with the same physical address in Crown Point, Indiana. Each entity has its own website. There is another related business, Heartland Legal Group, LLC. It’s a legal firm specializing in Real Estate Law. All of the content on this site was written by Sequara M. Henry, P.L.L.C. Attorney Henry is based out of Michigan with an excellent rating with the BBB. They could help you exit your timeshare in 2022 and 2023 with ease. We do recommend price shopping to find the best option for your needs.

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Website Review

A good percentage of anyone looking for timeshare exit services would immediately click off this website circa 1990 design. A web presence captures Keeping up with current trends and practices in timeshare exiting is crucial, but this website makes us believe nobody is up to date on the latest timeshare exit laws. So let us recommend a company that is up to date: cancel timeshare with wesley. We make sure that companies are updating their sites frequently. It seems that they are refreshing their site every so often in 2022. We will continue to monitor their site in 2023.


A boa constrictor logo greets you on the website. Below is a photo of a baby boomer couple happily glancing at you. No doubt they are glad to have found a “legitimate out” from their Timeshare.

Go Away Timeshares Promises

Getting Out of a Timeshare the Legal & Easy Way

A team of professionals has helped over 32,000 owners in the United States get out of their contracts. The company says they’ve worked with 1,800 worldwide such as Bluegreen, Diamond Resorts, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Westgate.

They mention Disney Resorts as well. If this is true, it is impressive as most timeshare exit companies won’t attempt a Disney exit because the brand and the plans are good.

This paragraph brings to light two things: 1) the here today, gone tomorrow exit companies that are scams. And 2) that preying on our nation’s senior citizens is commonplace among timeshare exit companies.

Invited Guests

Here’s a twist. Go Away Timeshare offers website viewers to join one of their webinars—both live and on-demand. This streaming event shows you how to achieve timeshare transfers. Not to be confused with a timeshare cancellation. All you need to do is contact them, and they’ll send you a link to watch and learn.

In the following sentence, the company asks you to call them to learn more about legally selling a timeshare.

Below is a simple form to fill out to start the ball rolling with a call back from a Timeshare representative.

Also on the page is a link to the company’s Facebook Page, an “Our Parent Company” link (Heartland Transfer), and a linked Better Business Bureau seal. We do appreciate this kind of transparency. The company urges you to leave its website and read about them out in the wild, aka online.

Owner’s Message

We love a good origin story.

J.C. and his wife Linda bought a Disney timeshare in Orlando. They got them in the door with a dinner voucher at Cinderella’s Castle. That was the most expensive dinner they would ever eat.

As the kids grew up and left home, they were using their Timeshare less and less. Sound familiar? Banking your weeks at an exchange company only go so far before they expire. Paying the yearly maintenance fees for something they never used seems pointless. Over the next eight years, they attempted to sell three timeshares. It was a nightmare.

J.C. tried every option, selling, even donation. The American Red Cross refused to take it due to liability with maintenance fees for life. We don’t blame them.

Timeshare Termination Services

Go Away Transfer works with outside transfer companies and resale companies. We haven’t seen any definitive proof thus far that this company persuades the developer to cancel your Timeshare permanently.


There are some solid testimonies on this page. Unfortunately, none of them are linked to their online sources. We cannot verify these are legitimate reviews. However, if you go to Yelp and The Better Business Bureau site, you can read them in real-time.

FAQ Summary

Go Away Timeshare does not charge an upfront fee. The company specializes only in transferring clients for their unwanted timeshares and getting the title re-recorded in the proper jurisdiction. And there you have it, folks.

Additionally, they claim to have a network of closing companies, title companies, and attorneys. Basically, they are the go-between for these entities.


If you accept Go Away Timeshare’s proposal, they guarantee in writing to complete the Transfer successfully. It is unknown whether this means through a transfer company or transferring it to themselves to sell on the market. Either way, you’re out.

They warn that you cannot use your Timeshare ever again once you start the transfer process with the company. Not even if you’ve already paid the maintenance fees for the year. It’s a slight loss for significant results.

J.C. says in nearly every instance, and a timeshare becomes part of your estate when you die. Then your heirs will inherit your liability of timeshare ownership.

This statement is misleading. There are ways that heirs can avoid acquiring a timeshare after death.

There are a few resorts they don’t accept. What are they? We’d like to know which ones before wasting our time calling to find out.

If you’ve lost your deed or paperwork to your Timeshare, don’t worry, the title company has access to proprietary software that will enable them to find your documents. That’s scary, but okay.

Better Business Bureau

The BBB has Go Away Timeshare listed under Heartland Transfer, LLC. The company is an accredited business and has an A+ rating. The company also has a 4.42-star rating out of 5 stars, with 36 customer reviews. We did find one negative review on Ripoff Report.


We guess this is what blog pages looked like in the olden days. Three green lines of text that take you to the actually related article. But, these reads are worth the extra step to get there.

Go Away Timeshare encourages you to participate in your own exit and research the company you’re going to hire. Research laws surrounding transfer companies in that state. For example, some states require timeshare transfer companies to have a real estate license. Make sure they have a positive online presence and overall good reviews.

What You Should Know

In this section, the company does mention you have a recession period to give back your Timeshare to the developer free of charge. Kuddos for sharing that.

Getting rid of your Timeshare without being scammed is possible. Do your research before deciding on an exit company. They also warn you to be wary of payment forms required by the company. This could be a red flag.

J.C. advises if you have a bad feeling about the company’s practices, don’t hire them. We couldn’t agree more. Take a look at the top timeshare cancel companies.


Though Go Away Timeshare does offer a money-back guarantee, but they do not provide an escrow option. For this reason, it’s hard for us to give our full support to this company. They do, however, work with a reputable law firm which could be the difference between getting out of your timeshare faster or not at all. We recommend looking into the sites we recommend so we can help you find the best options for canceling your timeshare contract in 2022 and 2023.