Help Me Exit (Consumer Edge Travel Company)

Help Me Exit (Consumer Edge Travel Company) Review

Help Me Exit, Consumer Edge Travel Company, began in 2017 has two locations. Carlsbad, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Mickey Booher spent 18 years studying the art of influence and persuasion and is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Hmmm. Right off the bat, we recommend you look into the best cancel timeshare company like Timeshare specialist in 2022 and 2023.

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Website Review

We like the calming blue website color choice. This exit company claims to help you get out of your timeshare obligation legally, safely, and permanently. Let’s take a look at these techniques. They do seem to be updating their site in 2022 which is good. We will keep this information updated in 2023 as well.

We Don’t Want Customers Section

Help Me Exit wants raving fans instead. We love this idea, having people applaud your ethical timeshare exit standards. Yes, please.

Help Me Exit claims to have a “proven system” that guides you through the exit process. Does this mean you have to do all the work? Let’s find out.

Your Option

Well, they don’t tell you what those options are, just that someone will guide you. And they understand the frustration of not being able to take your vacation while still having to pay the maintenance fees. That’s all well and good, but how do you help?

Knowing Your Rights

“Understanding the process of eliminating your timeshare obligation is imperative to success.” Again, a bunch of meaningless words.

Your Solution

“…convert over to the best in the industry.” They say NOTHING. Give you nothing, explain nothing. They must think all timeshare owners are idiots. If you’re still here on this website, ask yourself why?

The Process: How It Works

  • Assess the viability of the individual cancelation. In other words, look over your contract.
  • Determine if they can help and choose the best course of action, which they don’t mention.
  • Below this section, an Analysis Process button takes you to an outline of the process.

Why didn’t you say that in the first place?

Timeshare Termination Analysis Page

has sometimes been done through our legal assignees and exclusive partnerships with large-scale Inventory Aggregates. In other words,

Under Step #2, we see that the “exit process” refers to transferring your timeshare to another party. Which we found out is this company as they take over unwanted timeshares by transferring deeds into their name.

Once your timeshare transfer is complete, you will receive a Congratulatory Phone Call from your Case Manager to inform you that you have officially achieved Timeshare Freedom! You’ll receive the “final documentation” and be free of your timeshare.

In the same breath, Help Me Exit claims to include Debt Elimination to their repertoire.

Review Raving Fans Button

Go ahead and click it. You’ll end up on a page with typed-out words, possibly legitimate reviews, maybe not, though. Who’s to say? Cancel Timeshare Reviews always encourages our readers to check online review platforms instead.

Payment For Our Services

Here at Help Me Exit, we only accept payment from our clients AFTER our transfer agreement has been reviewed, signed, and filed by both parties.

Never allow any company to charge you money before you have a written and endorsed agreement in your possession that you clearly understand. You can verify their verbal promises are in writing.

Next, we see several word clouds from the early 1990s describing some of the

  1. Consulting: Guiding you through the entire process
  2. Credit Protection: We ensure during the process, your credit is not affected.
  3. Case Worthiness: We’ll give you an honest assessment of your case.
  4. Professional Services: We are industry experts providing white-glove service.

Resort Logos are displayed on this page also. They are all clickable, but they all lead back to the contact form instead of their coordinating websites.

We Cancel Timeshares

A letter from the President of Help Me Exit, Mike James. Wait, who? Mike James is not mentioned anywhere else on the company profiles.

There is no About Us page to introduce us to the President, Owner, and staff.

Who Are We Not

In the first sentence, Help Me Exit states is not a resale or listening company. Then they state if you own a rare timeshare with some resale value, they will advise you on how to sell it. In other words, the definition of a reseller.


“We truly are the affordable exit company.” The company states there are no hidden fees. In the following sentence, this statement, “Every situation is different, so there may be some filing/transfer fees which vary from resort to resort.”

How We Are Different?

They do not offer attorney services. But have used them on occasion. The attorney handles the case, completes the contract cancellation, and informs you when the patient is resolved. Does this cost extra? We don’t know.

The company claims to not hold on to any of your information in their systems and that everything is uploaded to the cloud. Do not give personal information.

Timeshare Exit Process

There is a checklist on this page to help clarify all of the information on the website. It’s a summary.

How We Cancel Your Timeshare?

How does Help Me Exit free you from your contract? We found some helpful information.

Once you are assigned a certified Senior Analyst, help Me Exit says if they can’t help you, they will let you know before they begin work. But sometimes, things come up during the process that may stop the cancellation. They have no way of knowing what will happen in the future, and we feel this is a carefully worded sales pitch.

What Will You Need to Bring to Your Free Consultation?

Copy of deed, copy of maintenance fee bills, and any other timeshare-related correspondence. If need be, your Specialist may require a Limited Power of Attorney so they can act on your behalf. Do not do this.

We do like the fact that they work with timeshares in Mexico, Europe, and the Caribbean. Canadian and non-US residents who own in the U.S. are also eligible. That’s a plus if you have multiple timeshares. Getting out of your timeshare can be tricky If you still owe a mortgage. Many variables depend on your specific experience with your developer.


Help me Exit has an arsenal of Real Estate Brokers, accountants, attorneys, etc., that they work with. If assigned any outside assistance, ask for that company’s contact information.

They send a “demand letter” to your developer for resort cancellation. If that fails, they will advise you to transfer your deed to their company, and since they already have Power of Attorney, technically, they could do this without your permission.

Qualifying Survey

A questionnaire with twelve qualifying questions, but you can’t write on this form or submit it through the internet. Our advice is to go back to the home page and fill out the short online form so a Specialist can contact you.


now, this is something we haven’t seen. An alphabetized list of industry terms. Hence, points for this.

FAQ Summary

This is the lengthiest website we’ve come across. Feel free to sit and read it all, but we’ve highlighted some things to know.

– Do you charge an upfront fee for your services?

No fee will be quoted until they have been 100% approved for a transfer. The company keeps mentioning a transfer. It seems to be their primary objective over complete cancellation from the developer. This doesn’t sit well with us. Once the title and transfer process has begun, only then will the fee be given. Only after you’ve signed the contract to pay and begin the process is a cost given. RED FLAG.

– If I use your services, do I have to join a travel club or vacation club?

Should you decide that you would still like to have a travel program, we will recommend one that is low cost, works, and has no ongoing legal burden attached to it. Since they transfer deeds into the company name, they will likely encourage you to book with one of them. Ask your Timeshare specialist to show you these great websites for free.

– What if I can’t find any of the above documents?

You can call your timeshare developer and request the docs, or you can sign a Limited Power of Attorney with us, and we’ll contact your developer to get the missing docs. Giving over Power of Attorney

– If I have a current reservation, will I be able to take the vacation?

If your reservation is direct with the developer you own with, you will not make the trip unless we wait until after the vacation to begin the exit process. And, of course, we can do that.

– Do I keep making my mortgage payments to the timeshare company?

Yes, 100% we recommend this to avoid negatively affecting your credit.

– If I stop my payments, will my credit be affected?

It is possible.

Exclusive “Skin in the Game” Guarantee

For qualifying timeshare ownerships, Help Me Exit will get you completely out of your timeshare obligation legally, safely, and permanently OR Help Me Exit will transfer your timeshare into our name.  Believe us; we DO NOT WANT YOUR TIMESHARE HEADACHE.  How is that for incentive to get your case completed?

Additionally, we know that providing transparency in our services is something we take great pride in. When you become our client, you will be assigned a dedicated case manager who will keep you updated throughout every process. You will never be left wondering how and if your timeshare redemption process progresses for weeks or months.

BBB Reviews

Help Me Exit’s d/b/a company Consumer Edge Travel Solutions listed as Timeshare Advocates with the BBB. Notably, only two out of the twelve reviews had one star, and they were pretty detailed and worth reading. These two reviews are rather complex and give dates, and we find them to be credible reviews.

Review A


Help Me Exit cold-called Steve L. offering timeshare relief. with Palm Canyon Resort and Spa. He signed a contract on Sept. 3, 2020, and paid $4,700.00 for an attorney-assisted Exit.

However, after months of questioning where his case stood, I was finally informed on 11-30-20 that the attorneys had succeeded in getting me released from my contract and that I would be getting paperwork from Diamond Resorts.


Steve sent texts asking where the final paperwork was because I still had not received anything from the Consumers Edge attorneys or the timeshare company.

Finally, in May, Steve heard from Help Me Exit stating they had his wrong address.

Shortly after this conversation, Diamond resorts contacted me about coming to a shareowner meeting to discuss using my timeshare.

It is now Oct. 11, 2021, and I have not received anything from Consumer Edge or Diamond Resorts for my $4700.00?

I have not heard anything from *** since our last phone call in May of 2021. If you use this fraudulent and deceptive company, Please do it at your own risk; they are deceitful and thieves!

Review B


Likewise, this company cold-called Mike D. about exiting his timeshare. This company would not accept a credit card, but only by cash or their financing at 0%. Their charge will be at least $7,000 and up to get out of your timeshare! Mike did not sign up but wrote a review on the BBB warning others about Help Me Exit.

Help Me Exit’s Good Advice

Under most circumstances, it is almost always cheaper to rent the time from one of the dozens of sites than it is to pay your maintenance fees plus the high exchange fees charged by RCI & II. Even if the rental cost is the same or even a little more than your annual maintenance fees, wouldn’t you instead pay only when you go, rather than whether you go or not? You can rent timeshares whenever you want at sites like

To Summarize

This company has almost no reviews online. Additionally, they do not offer an escrow account to keep your money safe. Also, they have questionable tactics to get you out of your contract in 2022 and 2023. There is a lot of contradictory information on their website. Help me Exit has no presence on the Better Business Bureau, at least not under this name. They may ask for a Limited Power of Attorney and have no Google Reviews or Facebook Reviews. Furthermore, this lack of social presence is concerning. They could disappear tomorrow. With this in mind, we do not recommend Help Me Exit as a safe way to get out of your timeshare.