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Our team researches and reviews every Timeshare Exit company, only recommending those with a proven track record of success, while also providing a list of known scammers. Ratings are based on the BBB, guarantees, and customer feedback.

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Recommended Timeshare Exit Companies

Timeshare Exit Company BBB Rating Satisfaction Guarantee Get Out of Timeshare Now!
Wesley Financial Group A+ Rated
Seaside Consulting Group A+Rated
Resolution Timeshare A Rated
Timeshare Compliance A+ Rated
Timeshare Specialists A+Rated

What Is A Timeshare Cancelation Company?

The best Timeshare cancellation companies help timeshare owners out of outrageous maintenance fees and mortgages for something that has little to no worth. Most timeshare developers have gotten complacent with selling you lies to make themselves large profits. The timeshare industry has no intentions on fixing the timeshares they sell, and this is where cancellations companies come into the picture.

Most timeshare owners don’t even realize how bad they have been misled when buying their timeshare. The best timeshare relief companies will typically review your contract and ask you questions on how you were sold a timeshare. If you are qualified, they will look further into your case to identify any misrepresentations and lies that were used to get you to buy your timeshare. This process should be free until you decide to use their services to get out of your timeshare contract. Some of the best timeshare exit companies will try to get you as much money back from the developer as possible. You may be eligible for a refund if you owe directly to the developer. The best Timeshare cancellation company will be able to help you through any situation you may encounter throughout your experience with the TS Developer.

Simple Rules To Avoid Scams Happening To You:

  • When a “company” calls you for the first time and tries to get you to pay over the phone within the first conversation.
  • Companies that do not have any reviews or an online presence (website, ads, BBB rating, and reviews.)
  • If they do not offer 100% money back guarantee or escrow payments.
  • Make sure you review the paperwork that is sent to you. If they do not have paperwork, avoid that company.
  • If a company offers you a quick and simple way to get you out of your timeshare for a flat rate. This may include someone forcing you into foreclosure, or trying to sell your timeshare for you.
  • Avoid paying with non-refundable payment methods such as wire transfers, gift cards, etc.

These simple rules should help you avoid any financial mistakes with non legit timeshare exit companies. Be careful, because scammers are always changing their tactics so you should always think twice before making a payment to a random company. Unfortunately, this industry is filled with scams and that’s why we have done the research for you. Refer to the list of top timeshare cancellation companies above to find the right option for you. We can assure you that you will make the right choice if you use any of the top timeshare exit companies we recommend.

Timeshare Exit Cost:

Typically, there is not a concrete price for the cancellation of your timeshare. The best Timeshare exit company for you will offer different routes of cancellation and pricing depending on your situation. Many cancellation companies offer different timeshare relief services with cheaper alternatives. Your particular timeshare could vary in price depending on how much debt you owe to the developer, and what company you own with.

A legit Timeshare cancellation company is not the only option when looking at exit solutions. There are attorneys across the country that specialize in timeshare cancellations, but they can get rather expensive. The use of attorneys when trying to get you out of a contract is a common practice. Cancellation companies typically have attorneys on staff to deal with some of the process when trying to get you out of your contact. Most cancellation companies only use attorneys when no other options are available for your situation. We tend to favor cancelation companies because of the many options they can offer.

We encourage you to shop around with any of our recommended companies to find the top Timeshare exit company option for you.

What Does “Cancel Timeshare Reviews” Do?

Our team of researchers have done the hard work for you so this process can be easy for you. Our site was designed to help you pick which top Timeshare cancellation company to use without having to worry if you are being scammed. The reviews of timeshare cancellation companies we have listed have great track records with thousands of reviews online. The ratings provided are based on the BBB, guarantees, and customer feedback. The “100% Moneyback Guarantee” that some companies offer is a very important factor when we list our recommendations for you.

We encourage you to shop around, and figure out the different options you have available from each legit timeshare exit company. We here at, believe that any of our reviews of timeshare exit companies are a great option for getting you out of your timeshare contract. We promise to provide he best list of legit timeshare cancellation companies so you can succeed with cancelling your timeshare contract now!

Cancel Your Timeshare With A Trusted Exit Company ✈️🎉😎

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Disclosure: We receive compensation if you choose to speak to one of the recommended timeshare exit companies mentioned here. The following information is for educational purposes and is not to be considered professional or legal advice.