No More Timeshare Fees, LLC

No More Timeshare Fees, LLC

No More Timeshare Fees, LLC, Clyde Masten, is a former used-car salesman from Portage, Illinois. He moved to Wisconsin and started No More Timeshare Fees LLC. Also, Clyde performs as a professional Elvis Presley impersonator at various venues across the state.

Among a business owner and part-time Elvis Presley impersonator for hire, he’s also a flagrant wildlife violator and 27-time convicted felon for illegal hunting violations who’d has been in jail numerous times and has had his hunting privileges revoked.

If you are still willing to trust the owner of No More Timeshare Fees, LLC, with your money and are still interested in hearing about this timeshare exit business, please read on to find out all the details from our investigation.

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The Better Business Bureau 

Most people check out businesses on the BBB to gain insight into the integrity of a business. We took the liberty of summarizing the BBB’s take on No More Timeshare Fees and Mr. Masten.

In addition to No More Timeshare Fees, LLC having an F rating with the BBB, other alerts have been attached to this business. 

Over the past 12 months, there have been 17complaints filed against this business. The BBB gives the owner of the reviewed company a chance to resolve complaints and explain their side of the situation. This is just good business. However, 13 out of the 17 complaints went unanswered, and therefore the BBB flagged the issue. 

Next, two complaints remain unresolved, and the customers have taken further action. Also, according to the BBB website, this business is currently under review for a Pattern of Complaints.


  • Complainants allege paying money for services (assistance of getting out of a timeshare agreement) that they did not receive.
  • On May 1, 2020, the BBB requested additional references for this business other than the testimonials on the website. As of June 5, 2020, the company has not provided the BBB with further references. In other words, No More Timeshare Fees, LLC has provided no proof that the testimonies on their website are from real customers.

Tare the alternative business names listed on the BBB. While this is not unusual, please take the time to investigate these companies as well.

  1. Masten Service
  2. Dells Vacation Fun
  3. No More Fees
  4. Sell My Timeshare Alternative

So, no matter which site you get your information from, understand that reviews may not always be genuine. We found some conflicting information for this business on the BBB site. 

The Good:

  • This business has 20 five-star reviews.

The Bad:

  • Not BBB accredited
  • There is an alert. This business is currently under review for a Pattern of Complaints.
  • Seventeen complaints closed in the past three years.

Website Review

The olive green and orange designs are bold, and the font is easy to read. There is a nice sunset picture as the header photo, and a YouTube video with Clyde Masterson, owner of No More Timeshare Fees, is on the homepage. While the video nor the audio is professional, we certainly can see the assimilation to Elvis, and we want to trust him. They have not been updating their website much in 2022. We will continue to monitor their site in 2023 to make sure they are still around.

The Three-Step Process

  1. Complete the simple form on the left side of the homepage, set your call time, and someone will reach out to you then. It states that Clyde is available seven days a week. The hours of operation are from 9 am – 9 pm CST.
  2. Clyde will advise you on either transferring your timeshare deed or canceling your contract during the free consultation.
  3. The third step called, “The Process,” is unclear and gives no accurate information on how they achieve step 2 above.

According to the website, if your timeshare is paid in full, you may be eligible for deed transfer. If you still owe money on your timeshare, then cancellation is how to get out of it.

Next Section

You will NOT make any money if you decide to transfer your deed, but you’ll also be free of all the fees associated with your timeshare.

No More Timeshare Fees, LLC states, “We are a small, Wisconsin-based company. Clyde will be the one calling you back.” Except on the last page, it states either Clyde or James will call you back. We do not know who James is or what role he plays in the company, as he’s not mentioned anywhere else on the website.

A scrolling feature at the bottom of the homepage displays three “reviews” of No More Timeshare Fees, LLC. We have an issue with this kind of review display because it’s not linked to the source. Anyone could have written these words and added fictional names to the bottom. This is a terrible practice, and we’ve reviewed enough timeshare exit companies to recognize a scam when we see one.

About Page

The first sentence of this page reads, “We believe it is important to know who you’re doing business with.” We agree!

This page is a personal plea from the owner to trust him because he wants to “help.” He mentions his family and children and can provide proof via names and contact information of satisfied clients. Although, it would be better if he didn’t spoon-feed his new clients with the version of his success that he wants you to see. Instead, look for reviews linked to online sources to read the good reviews with the bad.

In the second column, we see the words, “Request “ME” Now.” Then, there is a form to fill out. But as we’ve learned, the ME may not be Clyde, and this can be not very clear. Continuity in business begins with a uniform informational website.

Testimonials Page

Here you’ll find YouTube-linked videos of former clients. We like to see these kinds of videos and listen to the happy customers who are now timeshare-free.

The rest of the page are photos of alleged emails sent to No More Timeshare Fees, LLC that are supposed to be proof of more happy clients. Again, we cannot stress this enough- typed reviews on a website can easily be fake. If the reviews are not linked to sites such as TrustPilot, The BBB, Google Reviews, or Facebook Reviews, please do not trust that they are authentic. These review sites are for everyone who wants to tell about their personal experience with a company and where others can find and read them. It’s vital, especially for the timeshare and timeshare exit industry, to have an excellent online reputation and online reviews are part of this.

Gallery Page

Enjoy Clyde’s performance of One Night in Memphis via his alter ego, Elvis Presley. Surprisingly, it’s pretty entertaining. The rest of the page has family photos and a few hunting pictures with Clyde’s prey.

Contact Page

“We are a small company, so most of the time, either Clyde or James will be calling you back.” We’ve never heard of James on any other page of this website until right now, so we’re not sure who James is or what role he plays in the business. They also state here that No More Timeshare Fees, LLC does not provide legal advice. Let’s talk about this.

World United Vacations

Clyde is also Vice President of World United Vacations, according to the BBB. Beware, this website is unsecure and could pose a security risk to your computer. This company has a B- rating with the BBB and is worth a look.

One of the complaints we found with World United Vacations is that they charged a customer nearly $3,500 and did not return the payment within the 90-day cancellation window.

Alternative Reviews

YouTube Review

We did find one favorable review on No More Timeshare Fees, LLC’s YouTube page.

Google Review

A single Google Review is blasting Clyde and his company as frauds.

Facebook Review

No More Timeshare Fees LLC claims to have the “Lowest price in Mercia.” And Clyde’s email comes across as unprofessional. Also, there is no option to leave a Facebook review on the page, making it seem like they’ve got something to hide.

Timeshare Users Group (TUG)

TUG has a fascinating thread about No More Timeshare Fees, LLC working with a timeshare resell the company. It’s interesting to learn how Power of Attorney may be transferred to No More Timeshares, LLC from the owner and then put on Ebay for sale by a resell company. Please read the entire thread to familiarize yourself with how some of these timeshares exit company partnerships and strategies that may (or may not) get rid of your timeshare.

Escrow and Attorneys

Here at Cancel Timeshare Reviews, we always advise our readers to work with timeshare companies that at least have attorneys on retainer and are available to you. And to work with timeshare exit companies that provide an escrow option in order to protect your money until the timeshare exit company does what they promised— get you out of your timeshare contract 100% free and clear with no worries.

In Conclusion

It’s clear that No More Timeshare Fees, LLC has some unhappy clients, and the ownership has questionable ethics. Ultimately, it’s up to you who you want to trust with your money and your timeshare contract. In the end, all we can do is go with our gut. Our gut is telling us to steer clear of Clyde and his low moral compass of a company. We do not recommend even talking to this company because their are far better choices. Check and see if wesley can cancel timeshare contract in 2022 and 2023!