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Primo Management Group, Inc. Review

Founder Israel Sanchez Jr started Primo Management Group, Inc in 2015. They are headquartered in Orlando, Florida, and have a mixed bag of reviews online so please consider every aspect of this company before committing. First, let’s take a look at their website to see if they continue to update through 2022 and 2023.

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Website Breakdown

Home Page

This website is secure and professional, and friendly—the first word is, “Hi.” So far, so good.

Primo Management Group, Inc., Inc.’s tagline is: Safe. Ethical. Guaranteed. Forever.

Let’s dive into Primo Management’s reputation and break down each of those claims to see if they stand behind their word.

This website has a lot to digest. We like the clean fonts and easy-to-read interactive questionnaire right upfront. The pop-ups are a bit distracting, but that’s what pop-ups do. In the lower-left, a “Verified by Proof” pop-up shows us who started canceling their timeshare in real-time and how many people have visited their site in the last 30 days.

The other annoying pop-up is a chatbox and is quite persistent. Questions will keep appearing, trying to entice you into starting a conversation. Don’t bother trying to close it- it will just pop up again and again.

Primo management claims to have a 100% success rate and offers a money-back guarantee. We feel a 100% success rate is a reach and unlikely. A statement like this worries our team and this is something we see as a red flag. A company should never over promise something that most top exit companies dont even state a 100% success rate.

Next, we see real customers on video talking about their experiences. Primo has made every effort, thus, far to be transparent, and we like it.

How It Works

Below the video testimonies, we get a glimpse of how the exit process works.

Step 1: A Timeshare Elimination Consultant listens to your timeshare nightmare story to begin building a personalized exit strategy.

Step 2: Isn’t a step so much as a promise. Primo promises to deliver results and give you 100% of your money back should they fail. – But we thought they had a 100% success rate?

Step 3: Again, not an active step, but you’re finally out of your timeshare contract.

Contact Options

Next, they list four ways to contact the company for your consultation.

  1. Start with the chat window representative to start a conversation.
  2. Give them a call.
  3. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page.
  4. Schedule a Zoom Meeting, which would have been a good idea if 1) the link worked and 2) the company was actually Zoom and not glitchy Calendly. We digress.

A scrolling list of impressive ‘partners’ is near the bottom of the page.


After that, some Frequently Asked Questions. Here’s what we’ve learned.

  • Primo Management Group is not a resale, transfer, or donation company, nor do they buy your timeshare.
  • The process usually takes about 12 months.
  • Your timeshare has negative values; it’s a fact that is hard to hear, but let’s move on.
  • Your name will be permanently off the timeshare when canceled.
  • Primo Management has an A+ rating with the BCA. Not to be confused with the BBB.
  • Primo is not a law firm or provides legal services whatsoever.

Keep scrolling to find a free downloadable eBook, “How to Choose the Right Company to Get Me Out of My Timeshare.” After that, there are a few more sections with action buttons, but they all go to the contact page, so save your time.

Who We Are Page

On this page, you’ll find a message from the founder. We like origin stories and were hoping to hear Marine; Israel Sanchez Jr. tell his story- but alas, he only mentions the Primo Pledge.

Primo in the News

Finally, a timeshare exit company that links back to articles on the web that mention their services. Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, and USA Today.

Hold up. When we clicked on the Yahoo Finance article link, we got an error message. If an exit company isn’t paying attention to its website details, how do you think it will pay attention to the details of your case?

Here are the other site links where several different businesses are mentioned in one article, including Primo Management Group. This small detail makes us believe all of these mentions were paid advertisements, which is okay- it’s all part of marketing- but you should know it.

  1. Entrepreneur: 5 Effective Ways to Build Trust in Low Trust IndustriesForbes: Industry Leader Secrets: Six Ways to Stand Out With Customer Experience
  2. USA Today: 9 ways freelancers and entrepreneurs can keep up with industry trends

Primo Managment Group, Inc. v. Anderson Law Suit

  • In January of 2019, Primo Management Group, Inc. was sued by a former employee citing unfair labor standards.
  • In June of 2021, Diamond Resorts Hawaii Collection Development, LLC sued Primo Management Group Inc. and CEO Israel Sanchez Jr. for the defendants’ timeshare “exit” services. The complaint pursues false advertising, tortious interference, and other claims.

Reviews Page

Right off the bat, we like that all of the reviews are linked to the platforms on which they are posted. We read a few to see how legit they seemed and if we could find anyone willing to tell us the cost of Primo Management Group, Inc., Inc.’s services. A few linked Google reviews were raving about how helpful the initial consultation was but never said they actually worked with the company.

We do see quite a few Primo Management Group, Inc., Inc. staff mentioned by name in the reviews. One reviewer said it only took eight months to get out of her contract, but now she was onto the credit repair stage. We’re unsure if that means she had a foreclosure or if Primo also has a credit management option.

While Primo focused on displaying all of their 5-star ratings on their website, we wanted to see what the not-so-satisfied clients were saying.

Below are some reviews from Facebook and Google. Some consistent complaints included:

  • Primo dropped communication after a few months.
  • “Primo Management is charging $3,000 and providing two phone calls and nothing more.”
  • No cancel address was provided for a client trying to send Primo Management a certified letter. This is why we recommend working with a timeshare exit company that is a law firm or has attorney access provided.
  • Continual harassing phone calls.

The Better Business Bureau

Primo Management is not accredited with the BBB but currently has an A+ rating. Out of the seven closed complaints on the Better Business Bureaus website, we like that Primo Management refunded some of the clients’ money and responded to some of the client complaints.

In Conclusion

Cancel Timeshare Reviews will always recommend that you do two things. 1) hire a timeshare exit company with an escrow option, and if you can get one with a credit protection option as well, all the better. And 2) Make sure you have access to attorneys, whether through the exit company or a personal lawyer. Timeshare exit contracts can make or break your finances if a deal goes south. Not unlike buying a timeshare. This isn’t a horrible company, but it definitely isn’t the best.

Primo hasn’t been around that long compared to some other timeshare exit companies, which is a concern. There are plenty of complaints out there, also with good reviews. As with anything in life, do your homework, and don’t jump into giving away your money to the first seemingly smooth-talking timeshare exit salesperson you speak with. We recommend taking advantage of at least three timeshare exit free consultations. Compare notes and list the protections they offer. In the end, do what you think is best, but please be cautious as losing money can be an emotional rollercoaster. We recommend a Timeshare specialist that can help you get out of your contract easily in 2022 and 2023.