Resolution Timeshare Cancellation Review

Resolution Timeshare Cancellation Review

With locations in Madison and Scottsman, New Jersey, and two areas in Florida, Resolution Timeshare Cancellation (RTC) is a timeshare exit company rated an “A” by the Better Business Bureau. Since its inception in 2019, RTC has been making a name for itself as a somewhat fair timeshare exit company.

Founder and CEO Stephen Lasser is a senior finance and operations executive with extensive experience in the financial, and not-for-profit sectors. Hence, Hope For Paws is the official charity for Resolution Timeshare Cancellation. Since we rarely see exit companies that have designated charities, kudos to Resolution. We recommend reviewing Timeshare compliance services to see if they can help you.

Cancel Your Timeshare!

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Co-founder Tom Heehler is an American writer and brings a non-sales perspective to the timeshare exit industry. According to his blog, he writes a great variety of topics, including the unpredictability of the timeshare industry and the ins and outs of innovation. His writings have been featured in The Chicago Tribune and The Economic Times of London. Heehler also worked short stints as a debt relief counselor for American Consumer Credit and Primo Management Group timeshare exit company which he praises highly.

RTC Website Overview


The connection is secure and navigating straightforward. The stock photos are professional and even though their logo feels a bit PageMaker-Esque, rest assured this company is not a scam. We like their boast of ‘no offensive salespeople’ allowed, but only time will tell as more reviews about this fairly new business come to light. They seen to keep the site constantly updated through 2022 and hopefully they will continue through 2023.

FAQ page

An enjoyable read, as far as FAQ pages go, with a few lighthearted quips.

“…if the stars are aligned just so, you can be out in a matter of weeks.” <—-That is not one of them. Statements like this can be dangerous, as owners may take the timeframe to heart. But if they say they’ve done it once, maybe they can do it again, TBD.

Attorney page

This page reads like a tribute. Stephen Lasser’s entire script highlights former Assistant Attorney General of New York Mayron Lasser’s career which spans more than 50 years of legal servitude. While he is not one of the lawyers that will help you out of your timeshare per se, he does sit on RTC’s advisory board providing outside counsel to the company. However, it’s unclear which law firms he’s recommending.

About Page

The page sheds light on several issues within the timeshare industry.

  1. The expense of timeshare cancellation
  2. Pushy salespeople
  3. Transparency in pricing

The Contact Us Page

You’ll find a simple form to fill out, then an exit advocate will contact you. Alternatively, there is a convenient ‘Buy Now’ button at the bottom. Although we’re scratch our heads at this questionable decision to add a payment button at all. Why anyone would simply pay an unknown amount of money to a website they just found without talking to someone first? Stranger things have happened on the internet. At the time this article was published date, the button is non-functioning.  Aw, Snap!

Timeshare Deceit Runs Deep

Just because you hire an exit company, doesn’t mean they’re any more ethical than the sales rep who scammed you into your timeshare in the first place. If you do happen to pay your mortgage off before you decide to dump your timeshare, the developer won’t bat an eye, as they’ll simply resell it. After all, they’ve already made their money. Yes, you paid both to get into and out of your timeshare.

Resolution’s Guarantees

Resolution Timeshare Cancellation puts their money where their wallet is with a money-back guarantee. They pledge to put their clients’ interests first.

Their no-pitch attitude is refreshing. You’ve been through enough of that. Instead, what they will do is arm you with helpful information you’ll need to make an informed decision.

The Big Three

They do not work with owners of these timeshares:

  1. Club Land’or, located on Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas, is a high-end villa community that only accommodates up to four guests at a time. Celebrities, sports figures, and “regular people” agree that there’s no place quite like this magical Paradise Island.
  2. Disney Vacation Club –  Disney Vacation Club is iron-clad with so many options to transfer points, exchange…
  3. Massanutten Resort Hotels, located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, is the mid-Atlantics premier resort location. The tight-knit community of faithful owners who —

Positives and Negatives

  • They work with experienced lawyers to help people exit quickly
  • Will not harass you after your consultation to use their services
  • Down-to-Earth people
  • Transparency in Pricing
  • Years of experience
  • Positive online reviews
  • They will quote you a price before even knowing your monthly timeshare payment and annual fee
  • Advocates do not earn commissions
  • The only exit programs that Resolution endorses are Wyndham’s Certified Exit program and Marriott’s Deed-Back program.
  • Resolution Timeshare Cancellation only works with owners who could not cancel their timeshare directly with their resort first.
  • The 20-minute free consultation seems short, so prepare by writing down all your questions beforehand.

Protecting Your Credit

Resolution Timeshare Cancellation also offers a credit protection service. They outsource to a company called TradeBloc which has an A+ with the BBB. Their reviews seem to work with quite a few people who get out of timeshare debt and other kinds of debt like a credit card. Even though RTC outsources this service, and it may cost you a bit more, TradeBloc is a good choice.


They offer two flat-fee rate options depending on whether or not you have a mortgage. According to the website, you’ll pay $2,500 with no mortgage or $3,400 if a mortgage is still owed.

A secure 100% money-back guarantee for canceling your timeshare in 2022 and 2023.

Resolution offers a true no up-front fee escrow option, so we don’t get paid until you get your official release.

Half-down escrow

They even recommend Seaside Consultants, as do we.

Is Resolution Timeshare Cancellation a Scam or Legit?

  • We checked the Better Business Bureau for complaints.
  • We checked the BBB for ratings to see if they are legitimate. They have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • With a traditional timeshare cancellation company, cost/price will vary case by case depending on many factors. You will rarely see one size fits all pricing. Resolution Timeshare Cancellation may charge you before or after your timeshare is sold or cancelled.
  • We checked for prior cancellations to see if this company was legitimate. There appears to be a large number of timeshares sold/transferred by Resolution Timeshare Cancellation.
  • Based on our research we think that Resolution Timeshare Cancellation is legitimate.

Final Word

RTC does what most timeshare exit companies do, utilize steps to get you out of your timeshare contract. Since they are relatively new to the exit game, we will benefit from the doubt and monitor this company’s growth through 2022 and 2023. We think they could be a very good company in the future but it is too early to tell.

RTC isn’t the worst choice you can make. There are great options to pay as well as a strong sense of credit protection promises. You may have a speedy exit, and their advocates will tell you how. There are very few things in the exciting business that surprise us – but these things stand out as helpful. It seems like the owner of this company likes to help people in every way that he can and we think that is awesome.