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Here at Cancel Timeshare Reviews, we find that timeshare exit companies that have made it longer than five years have a decent shot at sticking around. As long as the people running the company are ethical and moral. So how does Resort Advisory Group stack up to the best of them? Let’s find out.

The business is registered under Intermarketing Media (d/b/a Resort Advisory Group) and has been in business since 2011. The company headquarters are located in Irvine, California, with a second location listed in Aliso Viejo, California under Pandora Marketing (d/b/a Timeshare Compliance). Before you read ahead, take a look to see Is Timeshare specialist still legit In 2022.

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Website Review

Disclaimer: This website review is for the website address This is Resort Advisory Group’s website. However, we also found a second, slightly less professional company website for this company named

Both websites list the same physical address and have much of the same information on their sites. We’re unsure why this company would have two separate websites, but let’s review their main webpage, It seems that they constantly updating their site in 2022, but we will keep a close eye in 2023 to see if this trend continues.


This website is secure. The link to the website is which is different from the actual name of the company, be rest assured, you’re in the right place.

Resort Advisory Group dubs itself as “Leaders in Timeshare Resolutions.” Since they’ve been around awhile and have a solid reputation for getting people out of their timeshare contracts, we’ll take it.

Their toll-free number under the header makes it easy to contact them. The section below that gives you a snapshot of how the Process works.

  • Services— With a team of Advisors and Legal Experts in the timeshare contract field, RAC seems to be ahead of the game. They also boast an A+ rating with the BBB.
  • Resolution—Begins with a free consultation. Then the review of documents. An Advocate and specific Attorney are assigned to your case.
  • Testimonials—Resort Advisory Group encourages you to read some of their reviews online. We like the transparency here.

Stress-free Resolution Strategy

The short video is professionally made with some good information that you may relate to. After the video is over, click again. Another video appears. It’s a fun, upbeat montage of one of Resort Advisory Group’s offices. Cubicles are donned with the team colors, and quite a few people are smiling against a Hollywood premier-like backdrop. Resort Advisory Group has invested some of its hard-earned money into advertising. Smart.


Below the video is a scrolling testimony section of reviews by clients. While we appreciate the scroll, it irks us when reviews are not linked to their sources. But that’s just us.

As Seen On

We wish, just once, the highly notable company logos such as CNN and USA Today would be linked to the articles or commercials they bought on these sites. Instead, you’ll have to go to the internet and dig for them.

Contact Section

There is a short form above the footer to fill out for your free consultation. It’s just basic contact information, so we suggest calling the office to get the ball rolling.

Usually, a popup chat can be annoying and block your view of part of the website. We appreciate the non-aggressive popup on this site in particular. The chatbot does ask if there is anything they can help you with but doesn’t open until you click on it. It is a good option if you’d like to start with a live chat and explain your situation to an Advocate before your consultation call.

The Fine Print

The tiny lettering under the form states that you’re permitting Resort Advisory Group to contact you not only for your consultation but future offers. So remember to tell them at the end of your free consultation that you do not want to be solicited with any future offers, even if you decide to use them to cancel your contract.


The footer has all the contact information in one place; if you’d like to meet in person and since they have two physical addresses, ask if that is an option.

Social Links

  • Instagram—clean, cohesive with enough information to contact them.
  • Vimeo—the two videos from above appear on this site plus one more.
  • Facebook—Has little engagement but informational.

Facebook Reviews—There are 23 reviews as of today with a 4.7 out of 5-star rating. That’s pretty good; however, always notice how or if the company responds to all comments.

We see a negative comment posted 29 weeks ago with no response from Resort Advisory Group. Their social media manager did, however, respond to all positive comments thanking the reviewer.

It’s the customer service details that can make or break a company. It’s in the best interest of Resort Advisory Group’s reputation to answer and offer to correct any issues online where people can see and then follow up with the aggrieved party.

Resort Advisory Group’s 7-step Process

  1. Fill out the online form to initiate a chat. Have your information ready.
  2. Setting a consultation call. Gather all documents related to your timeshare ahead of time.
  3. An internal specialist will then review your case.
  4. Your Advisor contacts you and lets you know if they will take your case.
  5. After your case is accepted, the Exit Advocate begins working on a resolution.
  6. After the developer agrees to release you from your timeshare contract, Resort Advisory Group will provide you with a copy of the letter from that developer. That’s fine, but we also suggest you call to verify with your developer that you are, in fact, entirely out of your contract.
  7. Resort Advisory Group will request an honest testimonial about your experience.


Here is a quick summary of the essential points of this page.

  • Resort Advisory Group exits timeshare contracts based on fraudulent representations by persuading the developers to release you from the said contract.
  • It may take up to 12 months to resolve a timeshare contract. They promise to provide updates and transparency about your case every step of the way.
  • In some cases, clients even received refunds from their developer.
  • All conversations with any Resort Advisory Group team members will be pressure-free.
  • You will have a dedicated person assigned to your case. You can opt for an in-person office visit or schedule a phone or video conference call.
  • Resort Advisory Group offers escrow services. This way, Resort Advisory Group does not profit until you are legally out of your timeshare. It’s unclear if this option costs extra.

Law Firms

Resort Advisory Group makes it very clear that they are not a law firm. They gather information from clients related to unethical sales practices and then craft a strategy to free you from financial burdens.

No Guarantee

This company does not offer a guarantee of any kind, and frankly, this is refreshing to hear. No timeshare exit company can guarantee you’ll get out of your contract, and most of them will never give back your upfront money. Instead, Resort Advisory Group offers an escrow service keeping your money safe until you are released.

Please note that your contract may include wording where some money paid will not be refunded, such as a fee for using an escrow account. We at Cancel Timeshare Reviews always suggest having an attorney look over your contract before signing.


We appreciate a good calculator. This one is pretty thorough. It breaks down your payment and calculates them to show you the long-term collateral damage keeping your timeshare can do to your finances.

Credit Advocacy

To protect your credit, Resort Advisory Group uses US Credit Bureau, LLC, not to be confused with our American government’s Credit Bureau Department.

We here at Cancel Timeshare Reviews always give you the low-down on companies we mention in our articles. So, we did a little digging to make sure US Credit Bureau is legitimate. This is what we found.

US Credit Bureau, LLC

US Credit Bureau, LLC started in 2020. Its headquarters is at the same address in Irvine, California, as Resort Advisory Group. Managers Bobby Thompson and Jason Kreik are both affiliated with both of these companies.

All of this is fine. In fact, it’s a good move for Resort Advisory Group to open its own division of credit advocacy. Although this company is too new (1 year) to give a solid, good or bad rating, we did find three favorable reviews on But we cannot verify if they are genuine reviews.

US Credit Bureau, LLC’s Facebook page also has good reviews. Mostly from customers using their service solely to increase their credit score.

We don’t see anything wrong with having a credit protection company under the same umbrella. But, it may cost you extra fees to use this service.

What About Us

The only thing missing from this company’s website was an About Us page. A video message from the owner telling their origin story would be an excellent way to connect to people in the real world. We see this quite a bit. Timeshare Exit companies not taking advantage of social sites and About Us pages to really connect with people. We try to keep you on top of the best strategies to exit your timeshare in 2022 and 2023.

Diamond Resorts Wins Lawsuit

In 2020, Diamond Resorts alleged that Resort Advisory Group and their other company, Timeshare Compliance, falsely advertised services to help timeshare owners out of their contracts.

The lawsuit also alleges that Timeshare Compliance and Resort Advisory Group’s advertisements make several false claims. Such as claiming to have a legal method to cancel timeshares, a money-back guarantee, and owners’ heirs are financially obligated to continue paying the timeshare.

After reviewing Resort Advisory Group, we did not find evidence of these claims on their website anymore. We’re glad to see Resort Advisory Group has complied and changed the wording on their website to be more explicit about what they can offer.

Better Business Bureau

Most of the reviews on the BBB are positive. As we see in this customer review, her case was eventually handed over to a lawyer, but she was uninformed of this change. So we can summarize that Resort Advisory Group does offer attorney referral services if needed.

Timeshare Exit Company Checklist

Resort Advisory Group labels itself as a full-service advocacy group. Full-service, to us, means offering credit protection, attorney services, and a proven track record of successful exits. Let’s see how many of those things they offer.

  • Escrow Account Option (yes)
  • Credit Protection Option (yes)
  • Attorney Referral Service (yes)
  • In Business More than Five Years (yes)
  • Positive Online Reviews (yes)

Final Thoughts

It seems more timeshare exit companies are popping up than ever before. The ones that last and have a good reputation are few. We’d like to see a few minor add-ons, like In-house attorneys, and more information on this company’s origin and who runs it. But overall, Resort Timeshare Group should definitely be on your shortlist of Timeshare Exit companies to consider. Also, call a few others. Compare services, costs, online reviews, then make an informed decision before hiring any company. We recommend taking a look at the best timeshare exit companies!