Timeshare Cancel Center LLC Review

Timeshare Cancel Center LLC Review

Timeshare Cancel Center, headquartered in Orlando, Florida- right in the middle of timeshare heaven- was established in 2015. Rick Carroll, General Manager aka “Coach Rick,” has a personal Blogspot site which is pretty much a mirror of the website.

Dr. Rick C. Ernst is also listed on the company’s BBB site as a Global Strategic Coaching, LP, Manager. Dr. Ernst is likely a consultant for the company and has over 44 years of experience in real estate, success coaching, and digital marketing. Today Dr. Rick C. Ernst is a ‘human engineering and digital marketing relationship specialist’ in the areas of psychological, sales behavioral analysis. Take a look at Review of Wesley financial by cancel timeshare reviews for 2022 and 2023.

Cancel Your Timeshare!

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The Better Business Bureau

Even though Timeshare Cancel Center has an A+ rating, it’s also unaccredited with the Better Business Bureau. Although there is only one complaint filed in 3 years, it’s a pretty telling complaint. Apparently, Coach Rick is accused of using his client’s Marriott Membership login and changing the information to his own accord.

Website Review

The first thing to remember is to always check the security of any website. This site is secure. The next thing we noticed is the low-quality stock photos on every page. And there are no genuine bios of company employees, which plummets Timeshare Cancel Center’s credibility factor down considerably. Frequently, people like to see real people who work in the company. And often we connect with people who resemble ourselves. On another note, they are keeping up to date with their site in 2022. They are making frequent changes to their site and will continue to monitor in 2023.

Also, on the homepage, there is a blaring guarantee that reads, “Our Timeshare Exit Team – Can Cancel Your Timeshare Contract 100% GUARANTEED!” Not only is this a bold statement, but it’s highly unlikely that they’ve canceled 100% of everyone’s timeshare they’ve ever helped. Contact links are present on every page, which is appreciated.

Then, nine business affiliations are listed halfway down the homepage. The company claims they are either a member of and/or supports these entities. However, there is no proof of these claims as none of the logos are linked to their corresponding sites where this information might be validated. An email and phone number link are at the bottom of the page. But the copyright is out of date.

About Page

This page is exhausting. Multiple fonts and crowded lettering make the page’s flow messy. In addition, not all information on this site is true.

– True
  1. Timeshare Cancel Center is not a timeshare resale listing or donation company.
  2. A mandatory up-front payment is required before Timeshare Cancel Center will begin exiting a client’s timeshare contract.
  3. There is no escrow option offered on the website, which means your money will not be protected should Timeshare Cancel Center fails to release your timeshare contract.
– False
  1. “You will not be able to get out of your timeshare by calling the resort developer and asking them to take the deed back.” False! You most certainly have the right to contact your resort before hiring an exit company. Some developers have special exit programs in place for hardships and other qualifying reasons to get rid of your timeshare quickly.
  2. “You only get one chance to make a timeshare cancellation.” False! In fact, some people try different methods and multiple timeshare exit companies before they find a real exit solution.
  3. “There is no cost for our timeshare exit team reviews.” This sentence is confusing in the context, and we’re not sure what it means.
– Credibility Check
  • Firstly, photos of their “Senior Management Team” consist of low-quality stock photos of a bunch of suits standing in a line. Instead, present clear bios of your team.
  • Secondly, links to Dave Ramsey and Susan Orman videos
  • Lastly, linked articles about timeshare exit and scams. Most of them have correct advice about the timeshare trap and the angst it can put on people’s lives.
– Reviews

At the bottom of the page are favorable reviews. These unlinked reviews are not credible as we cannot check their source. Although the links are clickable, the links take you to a different page of their website. Timeshare Exit Services loses credibility points for this sneaky tactic.

Note: Sometimes companies will write fake positive reviews in order to lure desperate people into using their services. For this reason, do your own research on trusted sites like, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, and Trustpilot.

Timeshare Exit Services Page

There is some good stuff here. The Seven Ways to Do A Timeshare Cancellation article lists ways exit companies use unethical and illegal practices to release owners from their timeshares. The rest of this page is repeating the same points over and over with links.

Timeshare Exit – FAQ

“The Timeshare Cancel Center assists timeshare owners in getting out of their existing timeshare mortgage payments, maintenance fees, special assessments, and the entire timeshare contract. In many cases, the company has recouped money for its clients.”

While this is a bold claim, it’s hard to believe that Timeshare Cancel Center is 100% successful in getting owners out of their timeshare contracts.

Timeshare Cancellation Page

Notably, there are ten actual cancelation letters they claim to have successfully canceled. You can view them by clicking the links.

The Process

  1. To begin, you’ll receive a free consultation to see if you qualify for services.
  2. Next, a step-by-step detailed timeshare cancellation process.
  3. Then, payment of fees upfront as there is no escrow option.
  4. Finally, cancellation request letters are sent to developers.

Note: If this company goes belly up after you’ve paid the upfront fee. There is little you can do about it.

Attorney Services

Even though Timeshare Cancel Center repeatedly states that you do not need an attorney to free you from your timeshare, they admit to hiring lawyers for difficult cases on the last page of the website. Sometimes people have different situations and may require more work depending on your case.

Not All Ratings Are Equal

There is a badge on the right bottom corner of each web page. But, when you click on it, you will go to a website named Top Rated Local. This business review website seems like a pay-to-play deal where you pay for the right to list their badge on your website.

Top Rated Local operates under the umbrella of MadWire Media, which from discussions we’ve found in business forums, charges business owners to pay-to-play and often spams them with You won an award! To get them to the site to sign up.

Final Words

Of course, It’s not a crime to use outside consulting firms, law offices, and other helpful industry experts to provide the most thorough services for your clients. But don’t add badges and affiliates that are not what they seem to be just to make your website look legitimate. Generally speaking, deceptive practices like this prey on timeshare owners’ trust in a company they don’t really know. Just like the timeshare developer that tricked them into buying their timeshare in the first place.

We’re sure they’ve had some level of timeshare cancellation success, so it’s worth giving them a call. But buyer beware! In short, do not jump into any services during the first call. Take notes, think about it, talk it over with family and friends. At the end of the day, we think this company can cancel your timeshare in 2023. We believe that there are certain companies that may be a perfect match for your needs so we encourage you to shop around to make sure you are making the right decision.