Timeshare Compliance LLC Review

Timeshare Compliance LLC Review

Timeshare Compliance is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California. They’re a full-service exit company helping people get out of their timeshares since 2012. Since they’ve been in business so long, they have solid partnerships with developers. And in turn, know how to navigate through the exit process swiftly.

Currently, Timeshare Compliance employs 27 exit specialists. Not to mention a slew of partnerships. Law firms and financing agencies are part of their exit arsenal. And because TC offers a free consultation to answer all of your questions, you can determine, from there, if Timeshare Compliance will be the best fit for your situation. Before reading this any further, look at Cancel timeshare with Wesley Financial in 2022 and 2023.

Cancel Your Timeshare!

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Website Review

  • One of the first things we noticed is the secure website URL. This is important to help protect your personal data.
  • The video on the home page shows satisfied customers talking about their stressful timeshare experiences. Chances are, you will be able to relate to some of their frustrations.
  • It also shows that Timeshare Compliance’s staff are real people who have a heart for their clients. This kind of empathy only comes from years of dedicated customer service.
  • The questionnaire is clean and simple. You only need to answer four simple questions to see if you qualify for their program.

How Do They Work

Timeshare Compliance lists a four-step process to timeshare exiting. Let’s define these steps a little bit further with more detail.


First, a Client Specialist will talk with you about your unique situation. You may be asked to email documents or correspondence from the developer if you’ve already attempted to exit your contract yourself.


Then, your Case Analyst will prepare options for you to look over. If you choose an option that is out of your budget, you’ll be offered financing options.


Next, you’ll choose how you’d like to proceed. A specialist will prepare your case. Then, they will advocate on your behalf to cancel your contract. This part may take time. Often, lawyers or developers request additional information before they’ll agree to cancelation.


Finally, the developer agrees to terminate your contract. Then your specialist will send paperwork to sign. After that, you’ll receive your final cancellation letter. At this point, you are 100% free of your timeshare burden. Pop the Champaign and celebrate being timeshare free.

Before You Decide

During your free consultation, your specialist will advise that you talk with your timeshare developer before deciding to come on board. Often, developers have options that do not require hiring an exit company. We give Timeshare Compliance two thumbs up for their transparency. Some companies are not as transparent as Timeshare Compliance and may hide some truths from you.

Another thing that caught our attention is the fact that they give you a list of documents you’ll need to bring to your consultation. Compiling all of your documents ahead of time will allow for a better overview of your case right from the beginning.

  1. Your current membership contract
  2. Timeshare Insurance information
  3. Due date and amount of your maintenance fees
  4. Proof of your last payment date.
  5. Potentially owed real estate taxes for your timeshare
  6. Rules and regulations of the resort
  7. Rules and expectations of the owner

How Does Timeshare Compliance Rate

“We believe the most valuable information for you to consider in your search for timeshare exit methods is the reviews from past clients.” -TC

There is no better way to gauge the integrity of a business than by reading honest reviews from real people. The good and the bad. Reading these reviews is strongly recommended.

  • Timeshare Compliance BBB has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Impressively, they won the BBB’s Torch Award for Ethics in 2017. This is nearly unheard of for a timeshare exit company.
  • Currently, they have 290+ reviews on Trustpilot. And 88% are favorable. Reviewers rate them 4.5/5 on Google, which is outstanding. The negative reviews were promptly responded to by TC, and more often than not, they asked the reviewer to please call them to make it right.
  • On the homepage, they have a filter, so you can check the negative ones also. Transparency = Trust.

Here are some Timeshare Compliance Reviews:

Positive— Most of the positive reviews focus on excellent personal customer service and great communication throughout the process. Imagine having neither of these things with your exit company.

Negative— There are a few of these. Some referred to not enough updates from the client’s lawyers.

Positives and Negatives

  • Timeshare Compliance offers a financing option through SuperMoney— an online financial comparison platform that helps consumers evaluate financial services. This is a great option! Owners who want out of their contract shouldn’t feel bankruptcy is their only option.
  • TC can outside of the United States.
  • The escrow option offered is a massive plus. TC has partnered with Escrow.com to keep their client’s money safe. The money sits in a protected escrow account until the company fulfills its promise to resolve your case.
  • Timeshare Compliance does work with your attorney to help cancel your contract. This can significantly improve your chances of a speedy cancellation.
  • You must be the original purchaser of your timeshare and cannot have purchased it through a resale or inheritance.
  • Your maintenance fees and mortgage must be current.
  • There is a checklist you can download on timeshare exiting, but the link is not clickable. We suggest asking for it during your consultation.

Alternative Vacations

If you’re still on the fence about hiring Timeshare Compliance, step off onto the greener grass. Once you get rid of your timeshare debt, you’ll have more money and still be able to travel. But with a broader variety of options.

  1. Rent someone else’s timeshare and leave the payments behind.
  2. Book a vacation home for the whole family. It’s less than the cost of a mortgage payment.
  3. Discover unique spaces to stay on Airbnb.
  4. Vacations are always a good idea, but you’ll still have to get there. So, why not sign up for credit cards with free air miles and hotel reward points. So you’ll earn free vacations and airline tickets!

Is Timeshare Compliance a Scam or Legit?

  • We checked the Better Business Bureau for complaints.
  • We checked the BBB for ratings to see if they are legitimate. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • With a traditional timeshare cancellation company, cost/price will vary case by case depending on many factors. You will rarely see one size fits all pricing. Timeshare Compliance may charge you before or after your timeshare is sold or cancelled.
  • We checked for prior cancellations to see if this company was legitimate. There appears to be a large number of timeshares sold/transferred by Timeshare Compliance.
  • There are some Complaints on Timeshare Compliance
  • Based on our research we think that Timeshare Compliance is a legitimate company that can help you exit your timeshare contract.

Final Word

Is Timeshare Compliance a legit company? We recommend Timeshare Compliance (Pandora Marketing) as a top timeshare exit company. Above all, they exceed industry expectations in ethical exiting. They will not pressure you into using their services of cancelling your timeshare in 2022 and 2023.