Timeshare Elimination Team by Client Protection Group LLC

Timeshare Elimination Team by Client Protection Group LLC Review

Client Protection Group was started in 2013 by Michael Cromie, Jr. The company is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, with a second location located in DeLand, Florida. We aren’t really sure on this company, so you should take a look at a company we are sure about like Timeshare Specialists for cancelling your timeshare in 2022 and 2023.

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Website Review

Client Protection Group uses information from timeshare contracts to help clients get out of this financial burden. But how exactly is that accomplished? Let’s find out. They are not updating their site much in 2022. We will continue to pay attention to this company in 2023 for exiting your timeshare contract.


Although a bit outdated, this secure website does have some helpful information. A giant block of words pops up only once if you’d like to fill out the form to talk with an agent before you read any of the website information.

Client Protection Group says it can free you from endless mortgage and maintenance fees quickly and legally. Fast is a relative term. So we looked at reviews to see if we could find a definitive time frame. From some reviews we’ve found online, this exit company has canceled clients’ contracts in as little as three to four months. But could not find any review stating longer, although we are sure there is some variation.

Putting their best foot forward, Client Protection Group has its three best brags right upfront.

  • BBB Accredited, A+ Rating
  • Total Credit Protection
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

In addition, a short form on the home page will get you a call back from a Client Protection Group representative.

The Three Pillars of Client Protection Group

Transparency—the company doesn’t say how they are transparent but did mention they are honest.

Always Available—the company claims always to answer your inquiries by mail, email, phone, or in-person until 5 pm pst, Monday through Saturday.

100% Money-Back Guarantee— instead of explaining this guarantee for all to see, it simply says *See contract for more details. This doesn’t seem very transparent.

Please be sure to have a lawyer look over any contract you’re thinking about signing ensuring the wording cannot be construed.

Client Protective Services stresses that timeshares are impossible to sell but doesn’t elaborate on this statement.

Next, we see a few familiar timeshare companies logos. Click on them and PDF of exit letters that prove Client Protection Group does its job pop up. However, anyone can write a letter and post it as a PDF file.

Client Protection Group puts linked client testimonies next. Scrolling down about halfway, you can see You can read snippets of reviews or click the BBB link to read more. This is what transparency means.


Logos of the Better Business Bureau (verified accredited), Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce (verified member), and the seal from the California Secretary of State (status: canceled). Oddly a random license number is printed right on the page, but we’re not sure what this number refers to as it’s not the same as the canceled status on the sos.ca.gov site.

About Us

Sadly, there is no “us” on the About Us page. We don’t see anything about how the company started or photos of team members or the owner. Just some industry jargon emphasizes they are transparent and legal. But nowhere on this site does the company explain what they mean by legal. We see no evidence of attorneys’ services or even that they work with outside law firms.


Now, here’s where it gets interesting.

Oddly, Client Protection Group brushes over the fact that there is a low (again, relative term) upfront “retainer” to start the process. Is this the same as paying the entire upfront fee to the company with no escrow in place to protect your money? If we were a betting review site, we’d say yes, it is.

The company makes it clear that you must have been misled at the time of signing, lost a travel partner, or have deteriorating health to get out of your contract.

Question: Do you offer any guarantee?

Answer: We guarantee to work on your case until it is resolved.

The response sounds like the punch line to a bad joke. What about your 100% Money-back guarantee? That’s the guarantee we want to know about.

Client Protection Group doesn’t explain exactly how they help you get rid of an unpaid mortgage, but their claim of, “we got you covered!” sounds legit.

Client Protection Group claims their Credit Protection Division will protect your credit by “working diligently with” the major credit bureaus. This is vague, ask for details.

Another key point, the company insists they are not a resale company! Noted.


The Better Business Bureau rates Client Protection Group 4.9 out of 5 stars with one complaint closed in the last three years, call us impressed. There is a single positive review on Yelp, which is strange considering they’ve been around for eight years.


Timeshare Elimination—reading over this information, Client Protection Group explains what all timeshares exit companies do. Finding fraudulent, misleading information presented to you in your timeshare presentation in order to make a case for exiting your contract.

For one thing, we like that they say, “Once your case is closed, you’ll be given a letter of termination from the timeshare company detailing the closure of your account.” Good. It’s best to make sure that the exit letter, in particular, comes straight from your developer.

Mortgage Cancellation—If you felt conflicted between what the salesperson told you and the terms of your mortgage, you may have a case.

Credit Protection—this consists of guiding you on the best ways to protect your credit. Furthermore, they are not transparent in how they will guide you. It sounds to us like they’ll give you advice but you’ll have to do the work. Do not pay for this service if this is the case.

Client Protection Group stressed that you would not need to communicate to anyone regarding your timeshare once you hire them. If your timeshare company threatens you in any way, they will send a cease and desist letter to stop all further communication while they work on your behalf to exit your contract.

Fraud Recovery—is concerning timeshare resale companies. Suppose you’ve been contacted by a company promising to sell your timeshare by asking for thousands of dollars upfront for photos of your property with no guarantee of a sale. Well, then we don’t know what they do or how they classify fraud recovery.

Contact Us

Fill out the form, call the office 9 am – 5 pm pst weekdays only. There is a live chat option on the website as well.

We keep reading the words, “transparent” and “legal.” Typically, it is something of a red flag if a company has to outright say this but does not give a transparent picture of what it is they do that is legal. They may be putting people into foreclosure, but we aren’t entirely sure.

Social Links

If you’re going to put your social media icons at the bottom of your website, at least make sure they are still relevant. With zero Facebook Reviews or engagement and no posts since 2020 and through 2023, we don’t know why they even have a page. We often see sales companies abandon their social sites or have very little engagement. Even when people leave comments like, “I tried calling, but no one answers.”, all we hear is crickets. Someone should check these sites….anyone?

The YouTube page has two short videos from 5 years ago. And the Twitter page has also been abandoned. What a missed opportunity to reach clients. Oh well, what can you do?


Let’s call a spade a spade. This company does charge an upfront fee for its services. They do not offer to protect your money in an escrow account until they cancel your contract. Cancel Timeshare Reviews never recommends you pay any exit company upfront in cash. Paying high up-front fees has is a tell-tell sign of a possible scam. How do we know they won’t go out of business tomorrow? We don’t.

We cannot wholeheartedly recommend Client Protection Group. Especially in lieu of an abandoned customer base. This damages their credibility. To point out, as far as the cost of services, depending on the complexity of your timeshare situation, expect to pay between $3,000-$6,000 for a shot at getting your contract canceled. If you currently still owe a mortgage, you’ll probably pay more money to an exit company. We suggest talking to a real cancellation company though. Something just seems a little off in our opinion.

Client Protection Group is not the worst exit company we’ve seen. But there are better ones out there. Companies that have an escrow option to protect your money are imperative. Attorneys to ensure everything is done by the book. Credit Protection Group has neither of these services. Therefore, we suggest you shop around for an exit company that puts you first by protecting your money, your credit, and your liability.