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Timeshare Legal (formerly SBA Legal) is a timeshare exit company based in West Deptford, NJ. CEO Christian Highlander founded Timeshare Legal, LLC in 2011 to help timeshare owners who shady timeshare salespeople misled find relief from their unwanted timeshare burdens.

Christian started as a real estate agent in New Jersey. Christian has worked in the timeshare sales industry at both Flagship Resorts and Club Wyndham Vacations. Now Christian is focused on helping people get out of the product he once promoted. But who better to free you of your contract than someone who understands both ends of the business? Take a look at recommended company like Seaside Consulting Group for exiting your timeshare in 2022 and 2023 before you read ahead.

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Website Overview

Although the company does mention an escrow payment option, there are also a few mentions of a Money-Back guarantee and escrow. The escrow option may be an add-on cost, ask. Be sure to get everything in writing before signing with any company. Ask questions. Make sure you understand exactly what you’re committing to before agreeing to pay. They have been updating their site in 2022 and we will continue to monitor their activity in 2023.

Home Page

Looking over the website’s homepage, we see that this company, founded in 2009, claims to be the “original timeshare cancellation company.” Since timeshare exit companies have been around since the 1970s, we find it offensive to think people are not smart enough to know this industry didn’t just pop up recently.

While scrolling down the page, we see many “Trusted Partner” logos like CNN, Fox News, and more. None of these links are clickable to show how they are tied to Timeshare Legal. They may have placed ads on these sites, but we find no proof that these highly revered companies are “partnered” with Timeshare Legal. Loss of credibility points to confuse potential clients.

Our Process
Free Consultation

“A trained specialist will work with you to determine your eligibility for a guaranteed timeshare cancellation.” – Timeshare Legal How can they guarantee your timeshare will be canceled? In reality, they can’t. However, by vetting potential client’s situations, they can formulate a plan that may have worked in the past with a similar situation with your developer. It’s definitely worth giving them a call to see if you qualify.

Unparalleled Results

“Our team of experts will get to work to cancel your Timeshare permanently.” – Timeshare Legal.

In other words, after signing the contract and paying the requested fee, your exit specialist will begin contacting the resort on your behalf to request the cancellation of your timeshare.

We didn’t see anywhere on this site a statement to the effect that before you hire any timeshare exit company, you should contact your developer or home resort to request cancellation of your timeshare. Some timeshare resorts have programs for people in certain situations that allow you to cancel free and clear with little red tape. Exit companies explain this on their website and tell potential clients to try this method first. But Timeshare Legal is not one of those companies. Loss of points for transparency.

Financial Freedom

“You will be released from your timeshare debt so that you can better enjoy your lives!” – Timeshare Legal.

After listening to a few of these video testimonials, it appears that Timeshare Legal operates by sending an employee out to the customer’s home for a face-to-face meeting. When a potential client asks explicitly not to come to their home and is pressured, it’s just bad business.

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About Us

This page is an easy-to-follow timeline of company progress since they first decided to join the timeshare exit industry in 2009.

They claim that a refund accompanies 58% of all contract cancellations. This is amazing, and we hope their clients will write more reviews verifying this information as we have not seen refunds mentioned on any of the review sites.

There are no photos of the ‘team’ or call center staff that helps. This is a big disappointment as people like to see actual employees who work for the company, not stock photos.


Further down the page are many “testimonials” from former clients. However, when reviews are not linked to an online source, there is no way to verify these are real reviews. Anyone in the company could write and post them. This may not be the case here, but why not link your sources?

Contact Page

“Widely recognized as the leading national firm specializing in cancellation services for timeshare owners.”  This is more tricky wording. Widely recognized by whom? National leading form according to what metric?

We like that that there are various ways to contact Timeshare Legal.

  1. Visit their offices in Egg Township, New Jersey
  2. Shoot them a quick email
  3. Give them a call on the New Client’s phone line or
  4. Fill out their short form to see if you are eligible for their exit program


Christian Highlander has contributed to his community, as stated on the ….page. “He recently showed how much he cares for his community when he donated $30,000 to the West Deptford Police Department to help fund the WDPD’s local youth outreach programs. The money will go towards the DARE and Police Athletic League (APL) programs. Highlander makes an effort to give back to the community in any way he can.” Good for you, Christian!

Steps to Freedom

Timeshare Legal offers three services. Let’s look at them in-depth.

Collection Relief

This may be a good option if collectors are harassing you.

Timeshare Cancellation

So, if you’re ready to get out of your Timeshare for good, this is your option. Kudos for offering an escrow service to keep the client’s money safe; however, we find that a “money-back guarantee” is also provided on other pages, which is unnecessary if you have an escrow. This may mean you have to pay for the escrow option.

Credit Protection

Your credit may take a hit during the timeshare cancellation process, especially if you stop paying your maintenance fees per the timeshare exit company’s suggestion. It’s a good idea to opt-in for this service.

BBB Rating Reviews

According to Timeshare Legal’s Better Business Bureau page:

Eight complaints closed in last three years

Seven complaints closed in last 12 months

How to Spot Fake Reviews

Our team at Cancel Timeshare Reviews aims to educate people while also reviewing timeshare exit companies for the public. So you can have accurate information to make better decisions.

All online reviews are not real. Companies can hire people to write favorable reviews to boost their ratings. CNN Money found some businesses with high ratings on the Better Business Bureau are flat-out scams or shut down. And knowing how to recognize scam reviews could save you a lot of headaches.

  • Not mentioning the rep’s name who helped you at the company could be a flag.
  • If a reviewer uses too much industry lingo, it may be an employee.
  • The reviewer only has a single review on the site, the one you are reading.
  • If several reviewers have photos in the same office setting.

Final Words

We find Timeshare Legal guilty of confusing wordplay on their website and making unsubstantiated claims. However, we also believe Timeshare Legal LLC has helped people cancel their timeshares. An exit company would not last nine years if they hadn’t. Like with any decision, please use caution when hiring any exit company. Firstly, compile a list of questions, listen for contradictions, and in the end trust your gut. And if the staff will not respect your wishes or seem uncooperative, do not hire them. This is defiantly a good company in the grand scheme of things, but they are not in our top 5 timeshare exit companies.