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Timeshare Legal Service, LLC Review

Timeshare Legal Service, LLC not to be confused with Timeshare Legal Services or Timeshare Legal— is headquartered in Branson, Missouri, the timeshare capital of the Midwest. the company was started in 2018, by owner Tim L. Nobles.

Mr. Nobles began opening businesses in 1992, starting with a small flower shop in Iowa. Since then, he’s opened (and sometimes closed) more than ten businesses, including a bail bond, resort transfer business, construction and roofing, Jiu-Jitsu, and two solar sales companies.

The company has not seemed to gain as much momentum for an exit business that’s been open over three years. And since Timeshare Legal Service, LLC doesn’t offer an escrow option to protect your money, if this company disappears tomorrow, so will your money. Let’s look over Timeshare Legal Service, LLC’s website to see how they rate. Before this read, you may be interested in our review on Wesley Financial Group for cancelling your timeshare contract in 2022 and 2023.

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Website Review

This website is secure and is packed with information. But the copyright hasn’t been updated since 2018. The year is 2022 and soon to be 2023. This is a concerning issue with this exit timeshare company. A small detail, yes but do you want a company handling your timeshare exit case that doesn’t pay attention to small details?

The header photo montage asks three questions right off the bat.

  1. Are you a Timeshare Owner? If so, this clickable question will take you to a page outlining how every timeshare exit company works, including this one.
  2. Are you a Travel Club Company? What we think they meant to say is, do you own a Travel Club Company? If so, Timeshare Legal Service, LLC will work to cancel your customer’s timeshare so they can buy into one of your travel clubs instead.
  3. Are you a Resort Developer? This is the same offer as above. Timeshare Legal Service, LLC claims it can help your potential owner cancel their current timeshare company to buy one of yours. But as we all know, Timeshare companies are very well versed in timeshare ownership manipulation and probably have an entire division dedicated to just this sort of thing.

In or Out

“We offer a timeshare cancellation program for travel clubs, so if a customer wants to purchase the travel club and cancel the timeshare, the company can offer a guaranteed timeshare cancellation service.”

This doesn’t seem right. Isn’t the point of helping people get out of their timeshare contracts because it’s a financial burden they can no longer afford or want? Then why would this company be okay with getting clients right back into another trap?

After reading this page, we can sum it up in simple terms. Timeshare Legal Service, LLC will do anything to get you out of one timeshare mess into another one. It seems the company has no genuine concern in helping free you from your financial burdens. Keeping you in and out of the timeshare trap for life is unethical.


The same images and words above are posted on this page in several different locations making the page seem busier than it is. We don’t like this kind of lazy website writing. Next, several blog articles are posted on the home page as well. But don’t get caught up in reading articles just yet; keep researching the company.

About Us

Another red flag we found is that Timeshare Legal Service, LLC states it has 20 years of experience in the timeshare and travel industry. Since this company opened in 2018 and Mr. Noble has had many companies come and go, we’re not sure how they came up with this calculation. This page is not really about Timeshare Legal Service, LLC’s origin story, owner’s story of how he got here, nor does it show the offices or smiling staff ready to help you on the other end of the phone. This section is a sales pitch with stock photos.

Timeshare Calculator

We appreciate a good calculator. Put in information such as your yearly maintenance fees, and with a guaranteed increase each year of 8%, see how much your timeshare will cost you at the end of your life- because that’s how long you’re on the hook.

The company offers three separate choices to get you out of your contract.

  • Timeshare Title Transfer—only works if you are up to date on maintenance payments and have no mortgage on your timeshare.
  • Timeshare Mortgage Cancellation—the company offers no definitive explanation of this process. But do mention this:

“Frequently, people have other traveling options they prefer, such as another timeshare, a travel club membership or a travel website with great deals.”

Which makes it seem like they may pressure you into trying out an affiliated travel club or timeshare option.

  • Timeshare Attorney Cancellation—the company offers a timeshare attorney services option. Although they don’t have any in-house lawyers, Timeshare Legal Service, LLC states that one of their in-house Specialists will be the go-between for you and the law firm until your contract is canceled.

“Some of the issues timeshare owners face when approaching a timeshare contract cancellation are best dealt with by our timeshare attorneys.” Yes, we agree! So, you might want to keep looking for an Attorney-owned timeshare company in the first place. Note: any timeshare exit company that won’t give you full access to your Attorney’s office is not being transparent.

Timeshare Transfer Fees

There is no cost listed on this page or anywhere else on the website. This is not uncommon. According to this exit company, “Many different types of organizations use our services so, outside pricing may vary.”

Here’s an interesting fact, Timeshare Legal Service, LLC states explicitly, “Timeshare Legal Service is a transfer company.” There you have it, and they are not a timeshare exit company.

They mention paying a transfer fee as part of their costs and let you know up front that the developers decide these fees. And they have no control over these charges. Also, in order for Timeshare Legal Service, LLC to stay up with industry changes, prices and payments may go up daily. This sounds a lot like, “You should buy it now because tomorrow the price will change”. Sound familiar?

Here’s a list of fees you could end up paying if you hire this exit company, per their website.

  1. A base fee plus any additional processing fees, depending on the resort.
  2. The resort transfer fee and any other fees required by your resort to facilitate the transfer.
  3. Any special fees such as “attorney fees” in states that require filing by Attorney only.
  4. Some additional fees that resort developers and associations may charge outside of the U.S. include General Fund Fee, declarant fee, etc.
  5. Referral fees, if any, are set by your developer, travel club, or 3rd party representative.

We’ve seen costs range from $3,000 to $15,000 on some reviews we’ve seen, but do not know if that base cost includes any of the above fees.

Credit Protection?

Timeshare Legal Service, LLC states that canceling your timeshare will not damage your credit as long as you follow the instructions of your caseworker. This contradicts the above statement. You are simply getting advice from someone at the company, so they are not liable for your credit. Please don’t pay for this service if you don’t have to; it’s not credit protection. It’s Googling how to protect your credit and calling the credit agencies to find out what damages could be done. And all the work will be done by you, for you.

The company advises not to sell your timeshare to a resale company, and we agree. When you are finally out of your contract, Timeshare Legal Service, LLC states you’ll receive a notification of cancellation. This isn’t good enough. Make sure you are in touch with your developer to get the official, certified letter of cancellation. It’s the only legal document that guarantees you’re out.

Timeshare Cancellation Process

Before the free consultation, there are some things you should know. Gather all documents related to your timeshare purchase. If you don’t know where these documents are located, a representative can help locate them through speical software. Our advice, don’t give them any documents until you are satisfied with the consultation conversation. You do not want any company to have your personal information. If you decide not to use them, they still have this information.

Contact Us

The Contact page and Schedule a Free Consultation page are the same information.

FAQ Page

First, Timeshare Legal Service, LLC mentions a few different options to get out of your timeshare. Either timeshare transfer or some other unmentioned way. They do mention, however, that your credit will be protected during this process, but they do not mention how or to what extent you’ll be covered.

This company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee (not a money-back guarantee). And they’ve never had a client timeshare they could not cancel. <cough> poppycock. The reviews on BBB paint an entirely different story.

They mention being prepared to spend 6-12 months until you are out of your contract. But it does not say which way out; does that timeline apply to a transfer or some other unmentioned way? We do not know.

Better Business Bureau

The Good

There have been a surprisingly small number of BBB reviews in the past three years. Four reviews with a 4/5-star rating seem good but with so few reviews it’s hard to gauge.

The Bad

A client who signed up with Timeshare Legal Service, LLC was told to simply stop paying her timeshare payments. (Bad advice.) After 18 months she received a letter from Timeshare Legal Service stating her case was closed.

After several attempts to reach this company via phone and email, nobody has bothered to respond. The company gave no credit protection as promised in the beginning. Yes, she was free from her timeshare burden but at what cost? This client essentially paid this company over $11,000 to tell her to stop paying her bills and go into foreclosure. She is still paying her $11,000 credit card but now her credit is ruined.

Seven more complaints are shown on the BBB.

A veteran and his wife called Timeshare Legal Service, LLC for a consultation and agreed to pay a fee for an “attorney cancellation”, which he states he did not receive. The client felt something was fishy and called his developer, Wyndham. Fortunately, Wyndham has an exit program that costs him nothing. This couple believes Timeshare Legal Service knows that some developers do offer hardship and other exit programs for their owners free of charge.

Plus, if you fail to comply with the terms of your contract, such as submitting requested documents in a timely manner or answering correspondence within a timely manner, Timshare Legal Service, LLC could and will cancel your contract, keep your money and move on to the next person.

Other Complaints

  • Pulling credit reports without permission (Google Review)
  • Unresponsive to phone calls and emails (Google Reviews, BBB Reviews)
  • Refusing to honor their money-back guarantee, according to the client (BBB Reviews)
  • No proof of work done (BBB reviews)


You can sure learn a lot from online reviews. It seems some of the people who agreed to sign up with Timeshare Service, LLC, did so by attending a dinner seminar in their hometown. The speaker even preyed on the fact that heirs would inherit your timeshare debt. This is not always the case and there are ways around this issue. This classic move by timeshare companies and timeshare exit companies alike try to get you in the door by giving you something for free, in this case, a free dinner. This way you’ll feel obligated to stay and listen and before you know it, you’re swiping your credit card in hopes the company will do what they promised.

Other clients were cold-called by representatives. And still, other reviewers stated they received a knock at their front door only to be sold an exit package right in their own living room. The company disputed this last claim saying someone was impersonating the company, but no money could be refunded nor can we verify who came to the door.

The moral of this story, do not pay for anything until you sleep on it, check online reviews, call the company directly and sleep on it again, then look elsewhere for the best solution.


Although the company does not mention an escrow payment option, they do promise you’ll be satisfied. Do you know what’s the most satisfying? Having your money safe in an escrow account where the company doesn’t get paid until they deliver what they’ve promised. But there is defiantly cons to escrow accounts. They may continue to ask for more money because the escrow funds are exceeding the cost of your case. Without an escrow, your money could be gone faster than one of the owner’s other businesses. Consistent complaints across several clients indicate that Timeshare Legal Service, LLC does not honor its promises much of the time. Although there are a few good reviews about clients who did get out of their timeshares as promised, to us it’s not worth the gamble. Please check back as we will follow this company to see if they can turn things around and become a better timeshare exit company like the ones we strongly recommend. Please do your due diligence before using services that your unsure of.