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Just The Facts

Timeshare Specialists is a timeshare exit/resale company located in Bozeman, Montana. They’ve been in business since 2012. They have two sister companies, J&J Timeshares, aka buyandselltimeshares.com, and Resort Closings Inc., a licensed escrow and closing company that has been in business since 2004. Before you read along, view our review on Timeshare Specialists for getting rid of your timeshare in 2022 and 2023.

Cancel Your Timeshare!

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Timeshare Specialists Exit Options

Timeshare Specialists guarantees to end your ownership. We think that is a bold statement considering some owners might not be in the right place to get out of their contract free and clear. But this is where Timeshare Specialists excels. During the free consultation, friendly Exit Specialists will lay out all of your options and gather the information from you to give you the best option for getting out of your contract before going any further.

Most timeshare exit companies help to get rid of your contract one way, by charging you to go back and forth with the developer until they agree to let you out of the contract. And with no money upfront, you really have nothing to lose.

Owners Advantage Plan

First, Timeshare Specialists lists your timeshare on six of the top resale platforms on the Internet. Then, they’ll shoot the listings to their vast network of brokers around the country. This gives your timeshare better visibility. Now, you have hundreds of brokers working on getting you the best deal on your timeshare, not just one. We give two thumbs up for their impressive network. Timeshare Specialists differ from other exit option companies because they put the choice in the owners’ hands.

  1. You decide on your selling price.
  2. Exit Specialists will list your timeshare on their website, masking your personal information so you won’t get unsolicited calls from brokers. Another kudos for privacy protection.

Bonus: This listing service includes discounts towards closing fees with Resort Closings, Inc. Incredibly, even if you decide to sell your timeshare elsewhere or give it to a family member, these discounts still apply.

Brokerage Services

This service is for owners who own a timeshare with a high-end developer like Marriott Vacation Club or Club Wyndham. Depending on the week you own, Timeshare Specialists may be able to sell these weeks through their vast agent network quickly.

Guaranteed Transfer Services

With this option, you are guaranteed to be free of your contract for good by transferring your deed. Timeshare Specialists will find a developer who wants to take your timeshare off your hands to resell it. However, it’s unlikely you’ll get any money from this option. Keep in mind that Timeshare Specialists does charge a fee for services, but only once the transfer is complete.

Transfer and Escrow Services

If you know you want to transfer your timeshare to someone else simply, you can bypass calling Transfer Specialists and go directly to Resort Closings, Inc.‘s website, and they will help.

Website Overview

Timeshare Specialists’ website is packed full of helpful tips to help you make the best exit decision for you. The company gives you more options than the usual writing letters back and forth to your developer until they let you out of your contract. We make sure that a company is updating their website frequently. They seem to update their site in 2022 and we will check again in 2023.

Safety First

The website is secure and well-designed. Easy navigation and a variety of topics make for an enjoyable experience.

About Us Page

We like seeing actual photos of smiling people who work behind the scenes. This tells us 1) they have a team mentality and 2) this website is not a scam.

FAQ Page

Like every Frequently Asked Questions page, there are basically inquiries such as, “Do I have to pay an upfront fee?” to which the answer is no. But one question, in particular, caught our eye. Although they cannot help owners who still owe a mortgage, they can help them refinance through Lightstream—loans for practically anything.

NOTE: If you want to find out how much your timeshare is worth, read this article. Timeshare Specialists gives some helpful insider tips for knowing the value before you call them. We like to see this kind of added value and give them an A+ for transparency.

Timeshare Calculator

While we like the idea of online calculators, you have to fill out a contact form and hit the submit button before viewing your calculations. This probably means someone will contact you even if you’re not quite ready yet.

The Timeshare Divestment Guide

Located under the Resources tab, the divestment guide breaks down industry terms of all the ways to give back or cancel your timeshare.

The Scam Database

This is one thing we haven’t seen before but are glad it’s here. With the scam database, you can search for a company that may have contacted you to see if or how they’ve scammed other owners in the past.

The Contact Page

Simple is better. You have two choices: call them toll-free or fill out the form for a specialist to contact you. Unfortunately, this company does not take calls over the weekend.


  • In 2020 Timeshare Specialists was honored with the Torch Award for Ethics in Montana for their work to improve the Timeshare resale market for all consumers. It’s unclear how this award is gauged.
  • ABA 2020 Gold Stevie Award Winner & 2019 Bronze winner both for Corporate Social Responsibility. It’s refreshing knowing the owners of this company care about more than their bottom line.
  • Best in Biz 2019 Gold: Corporate Social Responsibility

I’m sure you’ve researched many timeshare exit companies by now. Some of them use attorneys to help navigate the legal landscape of timeshare exiting state laws. However, Timeshare Specialists does not use lawyers to help escape your timeshare. Most of the options offered are to resell, list or sell through a brokerage company. Therefore, they do not have to deal with developers deciding if and when you can terminate your contract.


More than ever before, developers are taking back timeshares from owners who suffer financial hardships, among other reasons. It’s refreshing to see Timeshare Specialists letting owners know that this option exists. Before you look into any exit company, be sure to ask your developer to take your timeshare back directly. You will lose money, that’s true, but the money you’ll save over the course of your life is invaluable.

Who Qualifies

Most owners who work with Timeshare Specialists have their timeshare sold relatively quickly, in timeshare exit terms, that is. Agents are up-front with owners from the start on time variance and the inability to work with people who owe mortgages. Owners must be current on maintenance fees, as well. Tmeshare Specialists will also check how much your timeshare has sold in the past and then estimate the market. This is how they come up with the probability that your timeshare is desirable or not.


Most of their business comes from reselling your timeshare. So what’s the difference between Timeshare Specialists and other online sites that let you list your timeshare? Timeshare Specialists does not charge an upfront fee for this service, and after listing your timeshare weeks, they’ll work diligently to connect with people who may want to buy it. Whereas other listing sites just let your listing sit there like a worm on a hook waiting for a bite.


Beware of scammers that call out of the blue and offer to buy your timeshare; only if you provide an upfront fee- that’s the scam. However, Timeshare Specialists does have lists of timeshare owners that they call and will talk to free of charge but will never ask for money off the bat. Only when you decide to work with them and know all of your options will you then sign a contract.

Timeshare Specialists Reviews

Better Business Bureau

Reviews on the BBB cannot be removed, so to see 5-star reviews across the board is impressive.


They have an 88% Excellent, 10% Great, and less than 1% poor ratings on Trustpilot. The low-rated comments were things like, “It took 6-months to exit our timeshare, which is too long.” False; most exit companies take 6-Months to 18-months or more to exit. And one reviewer who rated average stated Timeshare Specialists could not help them with their timeshare situation. It’s important to note that The team at Timeshare Specialists did reply to all negative comments and asked the reviewer to contact them personally.

Is Timeshare Specialists a Scam or Legit?

  • We checked the Better Business Bureau for complaints.
  • We checked the BBB for ratings to see if they are legitimate. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • With a traditional timeshare cancellation company, cost/price will vary case by case depending on many factors. You will rarely see one size fits all pricing. Timeshare Specialists may charge you before or after your timeshare is sold or cancelled.
  • We checked for prior cancellations to see if this company was legitimate. There appears to be a large number of timeshares sold/transferred by Timeshare Specialists.
  • Based on our research we think that Timeshare Specialists is legitimate.

Final Thoughts

After researching Timeshare Specialists’ exit practices, it’s clear that they do things a bit differently. Exit companies concentrate on canceling your contract with the developers, no matter how long it takes, months or years. Timeshare Specialists isn’t that kind of exit company. If you qualify for their services, they could help you get out of your timeshare contract by selling it to either a broker or a buyer on the market. We tend to not recommend companies like this because of all the scams of selling your timeshare for a fee.

Our team at Cancel Timeshare Reviews gives Timeshare Specialists our seal of approval and adds extra points for having so many exit options. You’ll never feel pressured to use their services, so give them a call and see if they can help you get out of your contract today. We defiantly recommend to take a look at the best cancellation companies like the ones we prefer.