Titan Exit Group Review

Titan Exit Group Review

Titan Exit Group has been in business since 2019 and are still around in 2023. Headquartered is located in Costa Mesa, California, they are under the umbrella of Strategic Enterprises US Inc. Mrs. Cimar Scaff, CEO, and Mr. Bruce Rose, Supervisor, are Titan Exit Group’s primary principals. Although not much about either of these people are known. Before reading ahead, we recommend you take a look at Timeshare Compliance. Timeshare Compliance is a great company that we have reviewed and suggest you take a look. They could maybe cancel your timeshare contract in 2022 and 2023. Read more to see if they or a different company can help you with your current situation in 2022 and 2023.

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Website Review

Titan Exit Group’s website is secure, but the aesthetic screams, amateurs. The home page has random fonts, out-of-place italicized words, and blocks with words slapped wherever. This may seem like a petty observation, but it’s okay to judge the competency of a company by its social presence. After all, handing over your money to a disorganized company that uses purchased photos from the internet and has no information about the people who own the company seems a tiny bit shady, don’t you think? Something that doesn’t sit right with us is when a company doesn’t update their website. They did not update their site in 2022 and that’s concerning. We will continue to check for updates in 2023.

Moving on.

“…we advocate for you to help you cancel your timeshare contract legally and permanently… Guaranteed.” Remember that no timeshare exit company can guarantee you’ll get out of your timeshare in the timeframe they’ve told you for the money they initially charge you.

Next, the 30-second TV spot video is well done and to the point. There is no form to fill out on this page, but a toll-free phone number is listed, but their offices are closed on weekends. It looks like they are still updating their site in 2022 to meet modern standards which is a good sign. We will keep an eye on their website for the coming years to see if they follow through in 2023.

What We Do

Titan has a 3-pronged approach to timeshare exiting.

Investigate—You’ll be assigned a representative who will be your communication liaison.

Advocate—Once you agree on an exit strategy, they’ll begin work and keep you updated during the process.

But Titan doesn’t explain what kind of work they’ll be doing, so be sure you fully understand precisely what they’ll be doing day-to-day and ask for proof often.

Resolve—When that glorious day comes that you are finally out of your timeshare contract, Titan Exit Group states they’ll “give” you a letter from the developer that frees you from any further liabilities in regards to your timeshare contract.

We find this wording a little iffy. It’s nice of them to give you a copy of the developer’s letter, but we suggest you follow up with your timeshare developer personally. Call the developer and ask them to send you said letter as well. There may be exit companies out there that have faked exit letters for the owners only for the owners to discover at a later date that they still owned the timeshare and were in foreclosure.

How Do I Get Out Page

This page explains nothing about how you get out. It simply goes over your choice to get tangled up in a timeshare in the first place, and how that led you to this page. Emotional marketing is real people.

FAQ Page

Some of the wisdom on this page is relevant.

  • Titan Exit Group can only exit your timeshare through the developer if your purchase was based on fraudulent misrepresentations during the presentation. This is commonplace.
  • As a general rule, according to Titan Exit Group, they’ll require between 6 and 12 months to free you from your timeshare burden.
  • They mention their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. And why wouldn’t they? However, seven reviews do not an experienced and revered company make. We don’t suggest using exit companies that have been around less than five years. Fly-by-night exit companies pop up and disappear every day.
  • They state they will not pressure you into using their services.
  • The cost to use Titan Exit Group is not disclosed, which is typical. Since every timeshare contract and situation differs, they won’t quote you a price until your initial free consultation.
  • Titan Exit Group is not a law firm, nor do they have attorneys available to you. Cancel Timeshare Reviews suggest you either hire a lawyer to look over your contract before signing or ask if they will provide one to do so.
  • Instead of offering a money-back guarantee, Titan Exit Group offers an escrow option; It’s the industry’s only true guarantee that completely protects you, the consumer. Extra points for this important service. However, this sentence; “To put your mind at ease, we offer fee escrow services.” This either means they charge a fee to use their escrow services, or they’ve misspelled the word, free. We’re not entirely sure.

Blog Page

There are only three recent articles posted on this page. That may be because Titan Exit Group is so new to the game and still developing its website. The articles are worth the read though.


A big yellow Get Started button directs you to the contact page where you can either call Titan Exit Group from 9 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday PST or fill out the short form below to be contacted by a representative.

About Page

Here are the facts of this entire page.

  1. Titan is located in California.
  2. They are a timeshare exit company.
  3. If you call their toll-free number, a representative will explain their services to you.

Everything else on the page is hot air. It’s a repeat of something they’ve already written. There is no About information whatsoever on this page. We still didn’t know any more about the company than when we first read their name on Google.

Where are the actual photos of the owner(s) and team? What exactly is their origin story? Who wanted to start this company and why? We want answers, but we’re not going to find them on Titan’s website. Handing money over to a nameless, faceless company seems risky, no?

Upfront Money vs. Escrow

Sometimes, if you pay an exit company’s fee upfront they could simply call your developer, ask if you’re eligible for the deed back program. Then simply use that program to get you out of your timeshare on your behalf. All the while, you could’ve contacted your developer and paid them a fraction of the cost directly to use the deed back program. Instead, some timeshare exit companies keep you in the dark about programs out there that could actually help you exit your timeshare contract for way less money.

Another way a timeshare exit company may be fooling you is by not mentioning that you are still in the recission period for giving back your timeshare free of charge to the developer from which you recently purchased. This would be highly unethical but not unheard of in the industry.

Escrow accounts are a safe place to put your payment and protect you from losing that money. It will also encourage the hired exit company to quickly complete their promises and ensure that your case is complete before any payment is sent through to the company.

Moreover, there is a possibility that after your initial consultation, the timeshare exit company has gathered enough information to look into your case, whether you hired them or not. Keep in mind the exit company could possibly sell this information to a third party without your permission. And you wouldn’t know it until you started receiving harassing phone calls from other exit companies vying for your business.

Final Thoughts

The website overall is as fluffy as a marshmallow but does have some good information. The fact that Titan Exit Group offers an escrow is huge in our book.

Titan’s social sites are not up-to-date, which is disappointing, especially for a newer company. Titan’s Facebook page has twenty-seven 5-star reviews, and its BBB page has seven 5-star reviews. That’s not enough to know if Titan Exit Group is an ethical company, but it’s a good start. Just because they havent been around for a long time doesn’t mean they cant be a viable option. But, we would recommend other viable options like Seaside Consultants for cancelling your contract in 2023.

The secrecy behind the owner or team seems a bit off, and we don’t like that. Transparency in business is imperative in this day and age. What are they hiding? Only time will tell. The company is too new to fully understand the scope of their impact in the time-lapse exit landscape just yet. We will be watching this company in the coming years to see how they fare. Please check back for updates from Cancel Timeshare Reviews. For now, we do not recommend talking with this company for obvious reasons.