Vacation Ownership Consulting Review

Vacation Ownership Consultants, LLC Review

Vacation Ownership Consultants (VOC), headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, was founded in 2014. It currently employs 12 knowledgeable Exit Specialists. The founders, Michael Cantrel and Jeremy Russo, used to work together at Gold Crown Resorts. The duo now helps people get out of their costly timeshare contracts permanently. In addition to being the president of Vacation Ownership Consultants, Mike also owns Cantrel Media, out of Ohio. They specialize in commercials and media production. Vacation Ownership Consultants, LLC could be a great option for canceling your timeshare in 2022 and 2023. You can continue to read this article, or take a look at a cancelation company we recommend like Resolution Timeshare.

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Website Review

Vacation Ownership Consultants offers a ‘no-nonsense solution’ to timeshare exiting. That’s the kind of exit we like to see. But do they stand behind this claim? Let’s find out.

At first glance, we can see the site is secure and professional with quality graphics and videos. The soothing blue color pulls you into an uncluttered, easy-to-read website. First up, the animated explainer video shows us the core values of this company. It’s well-done and informative.

There is a secure, simple form is on every page. So when you’re ready, you can fill it out to schedule a consultation. In detail, there are three core parts to their mission:

  • Showing compassion in listening to your timeshare story to formulate the best exit solution for you.
  • Acknowledging your predicament and the emotional toll it’s taken on your family.
  • Offering realistic promises about your timeshare situation.

The company claims there are no hidden fees or false promises, and they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. However, nowhere on the site do we see an escrow option. This does not mean you shouldn’t hire them to help, but we encourage our readers to ask if an escrow is available.

The Process

This section is beautifully laid out. There is no confusion about the expectations of Vacation Ownership Consultants before they begin working on your case.

  1. Before beginning, VOC helps you exhaust Available Options.
  2. Next, they help organize needed documents from your developer.
  3. Then, they determine a cancellation plan.
  4. At this point, your consultant will analyze your cost.
  5. After you agree to the terms, you will enroll in the Vacation Ownership Consultant’s contract.
  6. Lastly, VOC begins a course of action & finds resolve.
Reviews Page

There are two drop-down menus to view.

– Video Testimonies

Here you’ll find real videos of actual clients who had their contracts canceled by Vacation Ownership Consultants. By all means, sit and view a few.

– The Guide

At the bottom of the guide page, you’ll find a free printable guide, “The Definitive Guide to Getting Out of Your Timeshare.” Although there is a download button, you will have to put in your email address to send the guide. You will also have to agree to a subscription before downloading this guide. This means receiving informational emails sent to you from time to time. You can opt-out at any time.


There are over 100 blog posts about the timeshare industry and how to escape the madness. Read over some of these articles for more knowledge before your free consultation if you’re still on the fence about hiring an exit company.

Client Portal

Specifically, we like the secure client portal where clients can keep up with their cases, submit documents and stay in the loop—extra points for exceptional communication!

How it Works

This is where your Frequently Asked Questions are answered. Many people think that canceling their contract is impossible because that’s what they’ve been told. It’s simply not true. In essence, there are many factors where any kind of fraud, misrepresentation, and failure of consideration during the presentation or deeding process may leave you with legal recourse to terminate your timeshare.

About Us

Vacation Ownership Consultants claim that their founders, Mike and Jeremy, have become some of the first entrepreneurs to develop a cancellation company. This wording is confusing as they’ve only been in business for six years.

As mentioned above, since the mid-2000s, Mike and Jeremy worked on the other end of the timeshare business, sales. They watched as more and more owners wanted to give back their timeshares because they felt they’d been misled. So, the duo decided to provide a solution instead of remaining part of the problem. Some common complaints they heard were;

  • Owners were having a hard time accessing the weeks they wanted.
  • Owners realizing their timeshare is worthless with a zero resell value.
  • Ever-increasing, mandatory fees were draining their savings.

Additionally, the company states they are “committed to helping timeshare owners allocate the best solution when they don’t qualify for our services.” Truly helping people means guiding them to alternative solutions when you cannot help them yourself—enormous kudos for a genuinely caring team. Speaking of team, we love that the entire staff of twelve posed for a group photo outside the office! We like to see the diversity of people in a company. So, extra points for genuine smiling faces!


Because not two timeshare situations are the same, you won’t find the cost of services on the site.

Maintenance Fee Calculator

Who wants to do math? Nobody. For one thing, we appreciate a calculator of any kind. So, we love the Timeshare Cost Calculator. It’s an excellent tool for showing the cumulative cost of fees you’d pay over the next 20 years.

Service Cost

The company takes pride in qualifying each applicant before explaining their services. Reading over several reviews, we found the cost to range between $2,800-$5,000, but this is only a guide, and it could be more or less depending on your situation.

Review Boards

While we understand that not all reviews may be legitimate, we’ve read many reviews about Vacation Ownership Consultants over multiple platforms. The client goes into great detail about their experiences with the company. Moreover, the majority of reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Ordinarily, if you want to research a company, go to review boards. This page has links to every review site. This kind of transparency is hard to find in the timeshare exit industry—extra points for clarity.

Glass Door

There are four 5-stars reviews by former employees.

Positives: Great work culture overall.

Negatives: The only negative was ‘growing pains’ in tech and software development, which is quickly addressed.

Facebook Reviews

Out of 36 reviews on Facebook, all of them are 5-star rated. With comments like, “Thank goodness that honest, friendly, professional companies like Vacation Ownership Consultants exist.”

Positives: “The staff was informative while listening to our concerns.

Negatives: None.

Yelp Reviews

Although Yelp only shows the top 7 reviews on the main page, there are many more reviews at the bottom of the page under “Other Reviews that Are Not Currently Recommended,” In short, those comments that don’t quite meet community guidelines are still legitimate reviews. Know this; you should take them all into account.

On the whole, there are seventy-five 5-star reviews on Yelp by happy former clients and one 4-star review, which was highly favorable.

Positives: 99% of all reviews rated customer service and over process favorable. Additionally, many reviews state Vacation Ownership Consultants took a year or less to cancel their timeshares.

Negatives: A single one-star review claims terrible customer service to which Vacation Ownership Consultants responded that they do not believe an actual client wrote this short review.

Google Reviews

There are forty-one, 5-star reviews on Google and no negative ones.

Positives: Everyone on the team was knowledgeable, personable, and professional.

Negatives: None.

Trust Pilot Reviews

There are currently 84 reviews on TrustPilot with a 5-star rating.

The two 4-star-rated reviews we’re favorable.

Positives: “Vacation Ownership Consultants lived up to their promises.” Responsive staff. One client’s contract was canceled in four months. That’s unheard of in the exiting industry. Very impressive!

Negatives: One reviewer stated that “Once Wendy got involved, it was an excellent experience.” This may mean the previous agent was not providing A+ service, and the situation was reassigned.

Better Business Bureau Reviews

Vacation Ownership Consultants earned an A+ rating with 67 positive reviews with the BBB and zero negative comments.

Positives: “The company was totally honest and never misled me.” 

Negatives: None.

Social Media Presence

  1. Firstly, Facebook & Instagram have not been updated since April, but there is valuable information there.
  2. Secondly, we liked the company’s Youtube page as it has good videos, including several animated explainer videos.
  3. Lastly, there is not much activity on Twitter, and that’s okay. We wish companies would only post relevant social icons on their pages.

Final Thoughts

To be sure, Vacation Ownership Consultants is as good as it gets. Particularly, trustworthy, friendly, and responsive are a few repeated words used to describe their service and staff. Founders, Michael and Jeremy, understand what it takes to build a positive culture in a workplace. In addition, we’re glad to hear their hard work resonates with employees past and present. To check all the boxes like this exit company does is a difficult task. Other companies try very hard to offer all the benefits that come with Vacation Ownership Consultants. With overwhelmingly positive client- and employee-based reviews, Vacation Ownership Consultants is a legitimate timeshare exit company that can cancel your contract in 2022 and 2023.