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X Timeshares and Transfers has only been in business since 2019. They are headquartered in Irvine, California. Joe Mogush is listed as the principal of this business.

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Website Review

A simple one-page website gets right to the point. You can call a phone number at the top of the page or click the Check My Eligibility button to get started answering a few questions about your timeshare situation. We don’t think you should use X Timeshares and Transfer for exiting your timeshare in 2022 and 2023.

Even though they have written, “Legally Exit your Timeshare. Safely. Permanently.” in big, bold letters on the top of the page, they also state that most exits do not require a lawyer as the statement may suggest. Before you read this article, you may want to look into a cancelation company we recommend like Seaside Consultants Group.

Two Truths and a Lie

We like the fact that X Timeshares and Transfers put this truth upfront. “Many resorts have opened “take-back” programs that allow distressed timeshare owners to give their timeshare back to the resort developer.” This is how you know an exit company cares about timeshare owners and trying to help them without asking for anything in return.

We do not find many timeshare exit companies reviewed by Cancel Timeshare Reviews disclose this critical fact. Good job! X Timeshares and Transfers encourages you to reach out to your developer first to see if such a program is available to you.

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There are three points to talk about.

  1. “Stop maintenance fees, assessments, and add-ons.”

We agree. It’s best to cancel your timeshare contract and save money. But there is more than one way to go about this. Rescission. Deed back program. Hiring a reputable timeshare exit company.

  1. “Most timeshare exits do not need the intervention of a lawyer.”

Correct. Most timeshare exits do not, but all timeshare owners do.

  1. “Remove the fear of your children getting stuck with timeshare payments.”

Inheriting a timeshare debt is rough, especially in a time of grief. But your heirs do not own your timeshare debt instantly upon your death. They certainly have the right to refuse this as long as the heirs were not added to the timeshare deed before you die.

Unlinked Review Section

This next section has three non-linked reviews written with three couples from similar backgrounds that definitely look like stock photos. We don’t know if these reviews are real or faked because they’re not linked.

Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

It’s rare to see these two documents uploaded for closer inspection from any timeshare exit company. Again, we’re impressed with the transparency. Check the My Eligibility button to answer some simple questions, add your contact information so a representative of X Timeshares and Transfers can call you back.

Oh Say Can You See

One big, wavy, red flag we felt needed attention was that nowhere on this website does it explain the origin of the company, mention the president’s name, or show any of the team members’ profiles. It’s hard to trust a voice on a phone that could be answering from anywhere in the world. Explaining who you are and how you got here is so meaningful in connecting with potential clients. So we did a little recon and found out a bit about the founder of X Timeshares and Transfers, Joe Mogush.

Who is Joe Mogush?

We know that Joe is the founder of The Bill Coach Credit and Debt Counseling Services (2015) (formerly The Debt Coach, Inc.), also located in Irvine, California. However, when we go to this unsecure website, we find a print-on-demand clothing business.

Joe also owns Rapture Technology (2004), a software development company with annual revenue of $6 million. This company also manages call centers for hire. This site is also unsecure, which is unbelievably irresponsible for a tech company, but at least it has the correct information.

Another of Joe’s business ventures is/was TJD Services, Inc. (2006), a domestic stock company, and their website redirects the Rapture Technology website.

Joe was also the owner of NYSA Corporation (2010), an asset management company, and LCM Inc. (2015), a foreign stock company, CM Dynamics (2019), Inc, and Capital Credit Consulting, Inc. (2015). All of these corporations were dissolved or forfeited and no longer exist.

It’s certainly okay to be an entrepreneur and try out several businesses until you find one that makes you happy. Just be forthcoming about your journey. We have no way of knowing how long X Timeshares and Transfers will last, but we do know that if you hire this company, insist your payment goes into an escrow account for your protection.


X Timeshare and Transfer has 239 reviews at 4.8 out of 5 stars. That’s a great start. Even though they are listed as a California company, the BBB lists them serving quite a several Arizona towns only. This is strange as most timeshare exit companies welcome calls from anywhere in hopes of gaining your business. It is generally a good sign when a business has multiple locations.

More Reviews

One BBB Reviewer stated X Timeshare and Transfers took only three months to cancel her timeshare contract, which is far less than the average 12-24 months.

Another person had this to say:

Part of another 5-star review worth mentioning is this one by Maryam in May 2021.

“Due to COVID and timing, Wyndham canceled the contract themselves. I want to stress exactly how difficult it was to obtain just this simple piece of information from them…Furthermore, X-Timeshares REIMBURSED US FULLY for the contract and legal work associated with closing out this contract.” This is the ethical thing to do—extra points for X Timeshares.

So far, no Trustpilot reviewers or Yelpers have chimed in on this company but check back for updates.


Fly-by-night timeshare exit companies are a thing. This one is too new to recommend for cancelling your timeshare in 2022 or 2023. However, reread this article. There are some definite red flags and wishy-washiness going on here. By the same token, the people helped by X Timeshare and Transfers have written good reviews, and we can’t find many negative ones online. Give it time. Then check back again at Cancel Timeshare Reviews for updates on X Timeshare and Transfer exit company.